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Future of the A380? (Poll Closed)

Total Votes: 2,924
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  • Thomas Mock - 5 years ago

    I believe that your poll was flawed as questions 2 and 3 are essentially are the same questions because one leads to the other if management Jumps ship then there are no more sales and production must end and orders will be canceled and the remaining order will be completed in 5 year or less. If orders (or lack of orders) continue much longer, management will be forced to (jump ship) end the program. So I beleive the votes from question 2 and 3 should be combined together making the totals 886 to 402 meaning that a large majority believe the A380 program is nearing the end.

    Also an order from a single airline will likely not save the A380 program

    In the interest of truth I grew up in the Seattle area and believe the 747 is still the real “Queen of the Skies” but unfortunately the "Queen is Dead !" and so is the want to be A380 ! It's time for Boeing and Airbus to stop beating a dead house (you can only refresh an oboslete design for so long) and move on. And Start looking on toward the next Super Jumbo Jet (you can only keep taking the cheap way out for so long), so as to be ready when it’s time comes again. I am thinking based on growth of thrust output of new engines that the next Super Jumbo will be a three engined Aircraft.

    Four Engines just do not make good economic sense A better follow on question would be

    “Do you think there will be any more new aircraft designs with four engines built in the next 50 years”

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