Do You Like the Song "The Christmas Shoes"?


  • Ronnie - 10 months ago

    It has had a whole new heavy hit to it since my mom passed in 2016 but I do enjoy the song and how much it reminds me of what some people are actually going through this season

  • Patrick Donovan - 10 months ago

    This song is evil.

  • Abby - 3 years ago

    Hate it! First of all, let me start by saying I believe in God. I don't believe that he has control over what happens here on Earth; if he did, I don't believe that there would be so much death and destruction. I believe that he gave us tools and the teachings of Jesus and then had to hope that we would do the right thing. And if we can't figure it out here he also provides a place for souls of those that did their best.

    I think that it is very egotistical to think that God can send a boy to purchase shoes in line in front of him to help revive his Christmas spirit but allow that little's boys mom to die. I cannot believe that his Christmas spirit is worth the life of a mother. If God has that kind of power why isn't it that his mom recovered miraculously and needs new shoes because she hasn't been able to walk for months?

  • Kerri - 3 years ago

    My favorite Christmas song ???? I have been dreading g hearing it since my dad passed away 2 years ago I heard it today for the first time and at the same time saw a rainbow ❤️????a sign from my dad !

  • Sue - 3 years ago

    This may be THE worst song of any type EVER!! Ugh!!!!

  • Jacob - 3 years ago

    Thanks for proving Adams point John. Thanks for the forced buzz kill.

  • John - 3 years ago

    Anyone who doesn’t like this song literally has no true meaning of Christmas in there hearts. First of all Christmas is about Jesus and if you don’t believe in God then you simply don’t celebrate Christmas because that is what Christmas is about. Second Christmas is about giving not receiving those who think other wise are selfish people because Christmas is not about you it’s about God and others and that’s what the song is about is giving to others and thanking God for Jesus!!!!

  • Adam Sparling - 3 years ago

    Way to force kill the buzz. ‘‘Tis the most depressing song of the season. It doesn’t remind me of Christmas at all.

  • Hildegarde DeCrescentis - 3 years ago

    I love this song. I cry everytime I hear it. It reminds me of my brother who passed away from cancer.

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