Do You Approve Of The Way Sam Is Treating Jason?

  • Kristin - 4 years ago

    Sam is treating Jason like he never meant anything to her. He loved/loves her in a way that she has never been loved even before Alexis did and he is the only one to have seen her baby girl that died. He helped her through some of the hardest times in her life and before Jason left to meet Burney on the peer, Danny was born so she has no problem with raising him with Jason then. The only reason I could think that she would treat Jason this way is to push him away so that he will leave her alone and she doesn't have to act on the love she has for him because it's deeper than what she has for drew. This is also the reason why she is rushing to be tied to Drew, because if she doesn't then her heart will win and Jason has that. She may also be disappointed in herself and embarrassed that she didn't realize Drew wasn't Jason, after all they have a connection and Drew could not have done everything exactly like Jason.

  • SB - 4 years ago

    I agree with the other commentators on subject matter of jason and sam that I've decided to do a handwritten letter to both the producers an co-writers of GH. I have been a long time viewer of the soap with the original Edward Quartermaine. And when Jason was in a interracial relationship before the tragic accident with his brother A.J which had a tragic impact on Jason memory loss. So yes I am very disappointed in this storyline of Jason, Sam, and Drew. I hoped that when Jason returned to his hometown and family that the writers.would have a written a more realistic.storyline for this supercouple who through their many adversities shared together in past times would always be that of a lasting impression upon their hearts no matter what diversties they may have to confront it will be done.with respect and consideration among those involved(that is jason,sam,drew). So yes I think that the writers, producers could have shown a little more heartfelt consideration to both viewers and fans of this show who does not their intelligence scrutinized and ignored remember that these are your viewers and your ratings. And believe me fans will remain loyal when respected, even if storylines may not always be in their favor as a viewers but long as a particular or favorite storyline is treated with sensitivity when needed then it may be a little more acceptable. Just try consider your viewers and fans when writing these storylines that seem to be most important to them.

  • R hahet - 4 years ago

    I agree with many comments. It is unrealistic how sam is handling this. I have been a lifelong fan of GH and find it simply disgusting that she is showing all her love and sympathy to drew. She had fallen in love with Jason, was with drew under the assumption he was Jason. She loved drew as Jason. How can she now love drew over jason? Awful story line. I cannot tolerate it and will stop watching because it makes me so mad.

  • Rita - 4 years ago

    Sam is really makin me sick to my stomach. She treats Jason like dirt n he’s always there to help her. I’m really getting sick of her n that needy Drew, esp. her begging him to marry her, she’s disgusting!!

  • Debbie - 4 years ago

    I think I know why Sam is acting this way towards Jason..she thought she was with him all this time, she is also scared because he still works for Sonny and thinks she will lose him in all actuality. She is really in love with Jason and is still married to him, lol.

  • Natalie H - 4 years ago

    I totally agree with Yvette H. Sam makes me sick. She doesn't deserve Jason. Drew is a shrew! They deserve each other.

  • Barb Knight - 4 years ago

    Sam has convinced herself that she is in love with Drew but every time she sees Jason, their music starts playing in the background, as she gets all teary eyed. She is so confused. If I were playing Sam, I'd ask the writers if I could write SamJas story. LOL Maybe this time next year Sam and Jason will be an item!!

  • Kat Lee - 4 years ago

    One other thing. If in fact we are saying that their (Sam and Drews) Marriage isn't legal, because he signed Jason's name fraudulently, I might remind the writers that that would apply to the divorce they processed also. Which would mean that Jason and Sam are still married.....Just pointing out the obvious.

  • Kat Lee - 4 years ago

    I totally get writing a good story with suspense and an arc, but when it is effecting the fans to the point where they are hating on a beloved Character and tuning out, because it is to painful to watch, the writers really need to address this...If they want to salvage this rating boost, they had better have a very good reason for Sam treating Jason this way. I hope that the writers aren't thinking we are stupid or that we suffer from short term memory loose. No one has driven us into a tree. JaSam, was and will always be "The Super Couple" We remember every word of the pain, betrayal, but mostly the words of Love that were shared between these two characters. I don't know what is happening behind the scenes, but out here in the "Real World" When when we come home from our daily grind, and we choose to turn on GH and forget about life for a while, We would like to be treated with respect, the respect of our fandom and our investment in these Characters. No, I am not delusional, and No, I don't think that Port Charles is a real place, What I do think is that, regardless of what the writers decide to do with this story line, Please respect the Characters, their history and the loyalty of the fans. Sam unless brain washed or afraid, would never, ever treat Jason this way.....Fix it or give us a very good reason for it.......please.

  • T Elliott - 4 years ago

    I'm disappointed and angry at the way Sam has treated Jason. I agree that she acts like she never loved him which totally contradicts what I witnessed for years! I've been watching GH since I was 12, over 35 years ago so I have grown to love the characters and enjoy watching their growth. That being said, I need the writers to recognize and acknowledge the history that us fans will never forget. Change is good but it must also be realistic! Real love can't be dismissed like how it is being portrayed by Sam currently. Make this RIGHT!!!

  • Marybeth Wright - 4 years ago

    The minute Sam saw Jason for the first time since his return, she has given him the cold shoulder. It's as if she didn't want him to come back.

  • Marybeth Wright - 4 years ago

    The minute Sam saw Jason for the first time since his return, she has given him the cold shoulder. It's as if she didn't want him to come back.

  • Mr So & So - 4 years ago

    Sam should be head over heels for Jason as much as she was in love with him. That kind of love doesn't change under any circumstances. Her and Drew would never happen in real life. Can they at least experience what they shared once?

  • judy - 4 years ago

    I feel that Sam should grow up. So she fell in love with Drew who she thought was Jason, so tell the real jason that she fell in love with Drew even though she thought he was him and now that she knows the truth she still in love with Drew and who he is. Yes jason was her soulmate but I guess the writer of GH don't believed in soulmates being together because they always write them breaking up.The writers need to write some real life story line will be good, so far they did right with Carly and Sonny.

  • Yvette H - 4 years ago

    I think Sam's treatment of Jason is horrible. She treats the one man who was supposed to be her one true love and let's not forget just saved her life with total disrespect and disregard!

    Forget that Danny is his child and the Penthouse and the Media company has been purchased with his money!! I can't stand her! Steve Burton is honorable and has continues to show her nothing but love.

    Jason has lost everything! To the writers, you could have wrote this part of the storyline better. You all have made Sam look like a stupid fool. You can't have the kind of love story she and Jason had and play it out like this! I can't stand her! I really can't stand Drew's needy behind. I'm on team Jason. GH writing team get your act together. I've been watching this show before the great Luke and Laura wedding....yall gotta do better with Sam and Jason. From what I see, she never lived the man.

  • Nancy - 4 years ago

    I think she should recognize the real a Jason for who he is and be over joyed with happiness and love. If their love was as real as the writers always made it to be, this should be a dream come true like when she thought Drew was Jason!

  • Ally L. - 4 years ago

    I liked Drew and Sam together but now that Jason is back I'm like, BYE DREW! I'd be like, "Look Drew, I know this sucks but... I'm going back to my husband. You can come by to see Scout anytime you want."

  • Sabrina - 4 years ago

    NO....And GH needs to stop it we want the happy loving REAL #JASAM back together

  • Tammy - 4 years ago

    It makes me not like Sam at all! How could she treat Jason with such disregard?!? Yes I get she's in love with her husband THAT SHE THOUGHT WAS Jason!! But he's NOT. Even so, she acts like she could care less that's jasons whole life was stolen!!!

  • Denise Norman - 4 years ago

    If she is still. Married. To jason. Why not try to talk things over.and see where it goes again

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