Which Cover Should Rory Use?


  • Jeanine sampson - 6 years ago

    Both covers are fabulous. Cover B offers a little more depth and interest and I like the title font better.

  • Carol Addyman - 6 years ago

    Are we dancing in the fire or evoking the fire, to decide the out come of your book? I find cover B more thrilling in its subtle tones then the gasping for breath in the cover of A.

  • Karen Radcliff - 6 years ago

    I think cover A is more creative as there seems to be a mystery about it and the story seems to have a mystery hidden waiting to be solved, cover B looks like it's a story about a fire that gets out of control.

  • Cheri Miller - 6 years ago

    Cover B includes more detail which fits the story well.

  • Shirley Securro - 6 years ago

    Cover A is definitely more colorful and will attract more attention! The cover is what attracts people to the book!

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