Who SHOULD have won 'Survivor' Season 35?

  • viau - 4 years ago

    When I saw that upside down U on the final immunity challenge I was screaming NO!
    And then Chrissy won. God that pissed me off!
    The fire contest, wow I was screaming like it was suddent death overtime on a stanley cup playoffs final.
    Wait... that was way better than a stanley cup playoff final. and my team won!
    Great job Ben you diserved it.

  • Cindy - 4 years ago

    We watched survivor for the first time in years and had quit watching it for various reasons. Came back to it to find there were a handful of characters that we quickly lost respect for.

    Ben being one of them. Yet as he played, we came to respect the way he played the game and how Ben was determined in his efforts.

    We came to respect him for the continued resilience and resourcefulness he showed. Good job Ben - we eventually rooted for you to win. ????????

  • Laika - 4 years ago

    While I did not like Ben, the right person won. People are upset because Chrissy did not win and others think the game was rigged. Ben and Chrissy were part of an alliance at one point and then Ben was used as the mole; when he did not followed Queen Chrissy's instructions, then he was out. Then, why Chrissy did not vote against Devon, when he did not follow her instructions to vote Ben instead of Dr. Michael. Then on the second vote, Chrissy voted Michael off; instead of honoring her alliance. Who is to say that Devon would have won the fire test, eliminating Ben. Ben showed character and other qualities that not many people show and those are perseverance and never give up. Ben fought hard; the other four were complacent; if you remember that last night they talked about the possibility of Ben finding an idol and whether they should be on the lookout; they decided that it was not possible and all went to sleep. Guess what, Ben found the idol. The fire test is a great twist. Ben, thank you for your service and good luck

  • Pat Blackmon - 4 years ago

    I wonder if I would have noticed the elephant in the room if not for present environment but Chrissy kept putting hands on Ben. At final even after he won she still was putting her hand on his leg. If a man behaved that way there would have been a big stink. Bet his wife mentioned it later. Can't believe I'm the only one noticed this.

  • Steven Chellman - 4 years ago

    Why did Jeff Probst only read off 7 votes when there were 8 jury members? Even after reading the 6th vote (which was for Ben), Probst said, "And one vote left". One thing I wish survivor would change. Every show that someone is voted off, we the viewers always get to see at the end of the episode who voted for who. We never get to see the vote of the jurors as to who voted for the three final survivors vying for the Sole Survivor award.

  • Mark - 4 years ago

    Why did Jeff only read 7 votes at the finale ? He said this is the last vote before he read the 7th vote, He should not have said this is the last vote because there were two votes left.

  • Donna Driver - 4 years ago

    Ben is the epitome of the word Survivor. He played the game the only way he knew...the same way that got him out of combat alive. Enemies all around, he confided in no one but himself, dug in, did the hard work necessary to his survival and never lost sight of his mission. Respect is commanded, not demanded and I agree with the above post. I did not like Ben but he played until I did. I have the utmost respect for his game...both in life and on this show. Kudos Ben - you deserved that win.

  • Bob - 4 years ago

    Chrissy should have just burned the advantage.
    I didn't hear anywhere, that she had to play the inevitable DISADVANTAGE.
    She basically got robbed of a million bucks.
    CBS should be ashamed they basically handed it to Ben.

  • Judy - 4 years ago

    This season of survivor leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I am grateful that Ben is able to help others with PTSD, but I feel the season was rigged also. If Ben won immunity, I would have rooted for him. But with integrity to the game, it felt as if the producers just wanted Ben in the finale so they made up the so-called advantage. It doesn't sit right with me and makes me question the game. Either Ben or Chrissy deserved to win, but only if Ben made it the end without a last minute interference from producers. It all seemed so staged and unfair.

  • Anthony N - 4 years ago

    I agree with Meg, it was just another rig. Because of the twist , Chrissy, Ryan and Devon were not able to vote Ben out.

    PTSD was the reason Survivor rigged this season.

  • Shane Scott - 4 years ago

    Ben is an example of someone who was out there for a reason, and he fought tooth and nail to get into that number one spot. I'd never seen someone who was "on the chopping block" so many times in a row win the title of Sole Survivor. Nice job.

  • Meg - 4 years ago

    The secret advantage in no way benefited Chrissy and was only put in place to give Ben another chance to make the final 3. I understand the desire to showcase veterans and the problem of PTSD but this season was rigged!

  • Elisabeth - 4 years ago

    Yes! Ben deserved to win. He fought hard every challenge & had no alliances/friends for the last 5-6 tribals. A proud Marine, TY for your svc!

  • Ben Fan - 4 years ago

    Of course Ben, I didn't like him... He played until I liked him.. WOW!

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