Should Y&R Bring Adam Back In 2018?

  • Patricia Zemanek - 4 years ago

    Bring him back as this soap needs that desperately and do hope it is the old Adam as he is a great actor!!

  • Jeremy - 4 years ago

    Thousands do NOT want his snarky, perverted self ANYWHERE near Y&R. The cast, generally, despise him and he himself has admitted to being an asshole. Let’s hope they keep him as far away from soaps as possible. NO thank you.

  • Sherrie Pruitt - 4 years ago

    PLEASE bring back Adam, played by someone!!!!! And I agree, if he isn't coming back, quit teasing fans about it. It's very disheartening. Sad

  • Daniellen27 - 4 years ago

    Yes! Unequivocally! Bring back Michael Muhney who gave true "étoffe" to the character of Adam Newman! Please! We've been good Y & R fans! We think we deserve his return! At. Long. Last. Thank you!

  • Sue - 4 years ago

    I feel like the fans are being played for a fool, either shut down the Adam return thing
    or return him quickly. The back and forth makes it seem like the writers and the
    commentators on this site are keeping hopes alive. Either he's coming back, in which case discuss it in terms that show its definite or take him out of the picture altogether until the writers make a
    decision. By the time something happens one way or the other people will be so fed
    up they wont care.. And the likely scenario is that the reason Victor let Chloe off is he had her
    watched knew what she did and got a badly burned Adam out of the shack and whisked
    away to care at some hospital. What's so hard to figure. Plausible, good explanation for him
    being away, lets Kevin and Chloe off the hook also Victor since Chloe didn't kill Adam, Adam comes back a little worse for wear and a new story line is born. Why didn't Victor tell Chelsea, Adam begged him not to let Chelsea know just in case his disfigurements could not be repaired. It's not rocket science folks, lets either bring him back quickly or kill that story idea completely. Definitely frustrated and feeling that fans are being used.

  • Janis - 4 years ago

    Quit asking and bring Adam back. What’s taking so long?

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