Do you support the proposed new building heights for Nelson Bay?

  • Thomas - 2 years ago

    I hope the greedy old locals let high rises happen, i really don't understand, do the locals think that no one else has the right to move/live there? Bunch of oldies with nothing better to do then to complain about other people wanting to move there.

  • Margaret Wilkinson - 4 years ago

    No us and them Anne. All in this together and what is being proposed is the future for young people not the retirees who are highlighting to the community the deficiencies in this plan. It's not always about elected representatives, they are being guided and influenced by Council officers who we didn't elect. TRRA is not about shutting the doors or anti development, it's all about good planning for your future.

  • Anne Kenndall - 4 years ago

    Mrs Wilkinson- the other side of local issues??? I did not realise there were sides, perhaps it’s your group creating the us and them. (The them being the whole community). I think you all should go back to doing all those other great things you do for the community (I don’t need to answer your question as if your research was as good as you say you would know, particularly around environmental protection) and stop wasting the ELECTED representatives time and let them get on with their job rather than have them turn up so some meeting of 30 people to have a photo after a game of bowls. Sooner this place brings in people other than retirees who want to shut the door once they are here we will be better off. Rather than stopping progressive thinking how about think about jobs for young people and families. This place has the potential to be so many things but people like you and your group stop that from happening. Shame on you

  • Ian Faulkner - 4 years ago

    If people want overtowering buildings in the precinct of Nelson Bay perhaps they should visit Forster to see the appalling result this has on a once lovely foreshore - perhaps even move there !

  • Margaret Wilkinson - 4 years ago

    "A bunch of retirees with too much time on their hands" - Anne Kendall - Please.... this seems to be quite an ill informed statement about TRRA Committee who, as well as researching, writing submissions and generally informing the community the other side of the story on local issues, also manage to do overnight rosters at Marine Rescue, organise groups of Landcare & Parks volunteers to keep our area tidy, participate in improving Nelson Bay Town Centre; work to improve mental health of youth; organise volunteers to keep our area clear of graffiti ....and the list just goes on and on. What have you done? As for reference to the presidents daughter - perhaps you have been ill informed there as well - mistaken identity perhaps? As for Facebook - TRRA has only had a page in the last 2 weeks. Perhaps you could follow it and become better informed "Save Nelson Bay from High Rise" - the single biggest issue we have had in Nelson Bay for many many years and we will fight that battle to the end as many many people have done before TRRA.

  • Peter Graf - 4 years ago

    we like a village type surrounding & atmosphere and not high rise buildings

  • Anne Kendall - 4 years ago

    I asked recently a question about the TRRA on another forum and I got a mixed bag of responses but it was clear that they are a bunch of retirees who have too much time on their hands and they only people that take any notice of them are themselves. Then seem to have a well oiled machine that quickly activates the members to quickly respond to Facebook posts which are negative and polls such as these. Lucky most people are awake to them and no one takes much notice of them, including the decision makers, except for the presidents daughter - but she is not a decision maker I’m not quiet sure what she is either maybe that question needs to be asked.

  • john fletcher - 4 years ago

    I don't know how many times our community has to reaffirm our opposition to the Council's continual attempts to raise the building heights to an unacceptable level. Are they listening???

  • News Of The Area - 4 years ago

    All News Of The Area polls are set so that you can only vote once. Voting a second time will give you a message "Thank you, we have already counted your vote."
    (Don't mistake this for counting a second vote.)

  • Margaret Wilkinson - 4 years ago

    TRRA members have received advice of this poll and the opportunity to vote Yes or No. I agree about polls and well remember the one on the merger with Dungog proposal which sat on the site for months with comments completely out of date. Let's hope this poll isn't the same. The Council "Have your Say" surveys are also highly questionable.
    .......And impolite comment is not that helpful at any time.

  • Craig Jones - 4 years ago

    Easy if you don’t like the results reset it. Nothing impartiality from the journalist. What a joke. How about some ethical standards here.

  • Mike Shaw - 4 years ago

    How about everyone respect each other's opinion and be polite. Personally I love the Bay just as it is and that's why I've lived here for over 26 years. We don't need to change the character of the place.
    Forget the poll both sides are manipulating it.

  • Corey Philipson - 4 years ago

    Irene, im curious as to where your data has come from? you don't represent my or my families view and we have been here for more than 60 years. So i suggest unless you have facts you keep your statements to yourself.

  • Greg Johnston - 4 years ago

    What are the TRRA trying to get votes for? Wasn't the local election months ago? or are they running the state election? Im confused. Either way they aren't getting my vote.

  • Simon Rogers - 4 years ago

    Well there you go, TRRA saying it was rigged and then they go and load up the poll the other way. Shows all of these polls are meaningless. I find it funny that once it was "outed" you could vote more than once the no voted quadrupled, hmm one wonders if they are stacking vote, surely they would not employ such dirty tactics as lies and deceit.

  • Irene Jones - 4 years ago

    It appears that one can multi-vote on this survey which appeared obvious when the YES vote was high. Nobody living or visiting Port Stephens wants Nelson Bay to be a sea-side city, we all love the seaside village. Maybe The Bay News need to be advised to look at the poll and correct it so as it reflects one vote per person.

  • Simon Rogers - 4 years ago

    True Douglas, either way I’m sure the TRRA will latch on the results if they suit, they have a habit of confused one sided arguments. Usually searching for relevance.

  • Douglas Curtis - 4 years ago

    This poll is meaningless as anyone can multi-vote.
    Vote early and vote often as Joh Bjelke-Petersen used to say.

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