Grade Andy Cohen's performance as NYE co-host:

  • Alan T - 3 years ago

    I knew I’d miss Kathy, but didn’t realize what a dull, desperate wannabe Andy Cohen still is. We used to watch the housewives until they became so fake that it was impossible to go along with it anymore. I’ve watched and admired how Andy has tried, successfully, to create a name for himself and his famished ego. When he first started on his talk show, he used to talk “wike a wittle boi” to be cute until it became grating and he was lampooned on SNL. The next day, he had a new TV persona - THE NEXT DAY!! He’s now so affected and hungry for attention that it made watching he and Anderson a chore. Most people don’t care about the housewives or his parents - spare the world the phony, scripted, obvious BS you sell on Bravo on NewvYear’s Eve.......PLEASE! Bring back Kathy, or someone funny like Tracee Ellis Ross - ANYONE BUT HIM.

  • Marilyn - 3 years ago


  • Janine - 3 years ago

    Andy was extremely dull. Bring kathy back or next year ill watch something else!

  • Gail - 3 years ago

    Never liked Kathy but loved how Anderson giggled trying to stay composed with her comments. Didn’t think I’d miss her but Andy Cohen didn’t cut it. No chemistry. Boring and seemed awkward and I love Anderson and watch all the time. I think they need a female. Not necessarily Kathy but definitely not Andy. They didn’t compliment each other.

  • Christie - 3 years ago

    LOVED Andy Cohen. Actually he was why I watched CNN show for New Year's eve countdown. I have seen Anderson Cooper on WWHL with Andy Cohen and thought Anderson was much funnier with Andy New Year's eve. Disappointed that we didn't get to hear Celine perform. Overall, LOVED ANDY AND ANDERSON!!! Surprising Andy with his parents was hilarious. His mom is funny. So cute and sweet. Housewives reading Trumps tweets was SO FUNNY, I have been telling everybody about it today. DEFINITELY BRING ANDY BACK!!!! LOVE ANDY !!!! LOVED THE SHOW!!! Anderson was so much more relaxed with Andy around. GREAT MOVE CNN!!!!!! REPEAT NEXT YEAR. MAYBE BRING SOME HOUSEWIVES ON THE SHOW!!! THREE CHEERS FOR ANDY!!!!!

  • Cynthia Rabenstine - 3 years ago

    Andy is unwatchable alongside Anderson. Kathy made that must see TV. Switch it off and watch Seacrest

  • Candice - 3 years ago

    It really wasn’t Andy Cohen it was Anderson Cooper. He made a ton of snide comments and really he needs to stick to news and leave entertaining to much funnier people.

  • Toni - 3 years ago

    Bring back Kathy!!!!!!

  • Rose - 3 years ago

    Bring Kathy Griffin back!! Punish her and you punish us all.

  • Tom Murphy - 3 years ago

    Andy Cohen was dull and starving for something funny to say. Kept interrupting Anderson Cooper. I was forced to switch channels. Get someone else for Anderson next New Year's Eve.

  • Jane Doe - 3 years ago


  • Thomas Scott - 3 years ago

    What a stupid move on your part getting rid of Kathy Griffin. The orange turd got his way we got fake New Years from CNN. No real New Years coverage without Kathy Griffin. We need some one funny , original and talented to make us laugh. We did not need some one to laugh at. We need a Real TV not Reality TV.

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