Should NHRA make significant changes to prepare for the post-John Force era?

  • DARRYL HICKMAN - 3 years ago

    Aside from any changes to make the drivers more safe, leave it alone! I look forward to my weekends at the race track in the summer. Be it Sportsman Series, Mello Yello or Night Under Fire (Summit Racing Motorsports Park). We (fans) enjoy the whole show, from the big name stars to everyone else!

  • Robert - 3 years ago

    The guy writing the article just has no clue. To be a fan of drag racing is one thing; to be a participant, well thats completely different. If you dont have the sportsman racers at the events, YOU HAVE NO EVENT, YOU HAVE NO INCENTIVE TO THE HOST TRACK, YOU HAVE NO MONEY TO CONTINUE NHRA. The tracks depend on the participation of the sportsman racers. Without the sportsman classes you just dont have the economic impact to drive NHRA into the future. Furthermore, cutting qualifying runs down means the teams wont put on the same high-energy show. Its ENTERTAINMENT FIRST and a business second. If you dont entertain, you dont draw a fan base, you dont draw a fan base, you lose corporate sponsors, you lose corporate sponsors then you lose television coverage and teams lose sponsorships, no team sponsors equates to fewer car counts, fewer car count equates to smaller paydays. But heres an idea - how about they go to an "all run" format. 19 TF cars show up, 19 cars all show up for first round. 35 PS cars show up, 35 run. Bring something to the table that provides excitement and hope to the NHRA. Dont seperate, integrate. Dont limit, let all participate.

  • Phil Cazzilero - 3 years ago

    Like some of the ideas here, some I don’t. Keep Indy Nationals at five days all other national events at two days.

  • Carl Rose - 3 years ago

    Change is not always a good thing. Be careful what you wish for !

  • Robert - 3 years ago

    Agree with keep the Pro and Sportsman racers at the same national events !

  • Tom - 3 years ago

    The US Nationals wouldn’t be the same with only pro teams on the grounds. So used to walking through the pits and have a SS Carmaro come rumbling by....just wouldn’t be the same.????

  • Brad - 3 years ago

    Get rid of John force racing and Don Schumacher racing, then everybody else will be competitive.… It’s all about the money

  • Kevin Roche - 3 years ago

    Put more prize money in lower classes and limit amount of money you can put into top fuel so better drivers have a chance to compete. Instead of he with the most money buys the best to win the most, even the players table and put more players in the game.

  • Charles carlin - 3 years ago

    As with many poles if you look carefully at the answers you can choose it's so heavily weighted towards the yes some changes must be made side of the fence that multiple options to keep things the way it is with tiny adjustments seems to be left out. To come to a national event and see the Sportsman as well as the pros is absolutely necessary. The Sportsman fill in in between on the slower days and they had a lot of local color so that the people who are coming up in the ranks will continue to come up in the ranks. Yes the cost of running Top Fuel and funny cars and Pro Stock is incredibly expensive. If you want to change the rules as we did to decrease to 1000 foot strip well so be it we change the rules. NASCAR put in the restrictions on their intakes and that kept them to slower speeds but did not seem to SLO the fans love for the sport. Let the pro Racers find a way to make this happen because if we can decrease their expenses the ability to have more teams will play the fans are the fans they don't necessarily know what it takes to run a team and with the advertising dollars changing we need to change the pro team Budget Suites to match the available professional team funding. If the funding to operate them decreases then maybe the ticket prices can remain the same. As has been said for decades at events we want to thank you for choosing us with your vacation dollars. And that's part of the deal. If you make it cheaper on the pro teams then that will be able to be made better for all of us in the sport so that we can continue to race with such high quality. Having the Friday Saturday Sunday that's part of the deal especially when you're coming once a year. For most fans Across the Nation it's one weekend a year. They can set aside funds to be able to go do that, or it's in their Hometown so the hotels don't count. I live close enough to go to three different tracks and have been to many others. I don't mind spending the money for Quality ticket with a quality seat. The Platinum clubs are always fun but then that means of four to $500 ticket in addition to the other parts of the event. When you compare this to Opera the ticket prices aren't that different for a quality box seat at a professional Opera. When you compare this to a baseball game where nowadays you have to pay $100 to seat just to get a decent seat that you don't need oxygen there's nothing out of line period compared to trying to get a seat to a hockey game at a good Pro game. It's virtually impossible so stop letting the people who think it's too costly get a job earn a little money save it up and spend it. And expand your audience instead of shrinking our sport

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