If you could put one player out of this year's finalists into the Hall of Fame, who would it be?

  • TomMcLain - 3 years ago

    So by the way you worded this it means who would you rid one of those listed? Really Ivy league???

  • John - 3 years ago

    Put one player out? Question is worded wrong.

  • Mitch Smith - 3 years ago

    Alen Faneca not even option? Whats up with that?

  • Joab Dellinger - 3 years ago

    Randy Moss. Too easy. He’s widely considered the GOAT WR by many over Jerry Rice myself included. He’s the best player in this class just as he’s been the best player in the NFL, college, high school, peewee football etc.

  • Joe - 3 years ago

    Can't vote for someone that is actively keeping murderers out of jail. Some people may want to forget that night ever happened but it did. Baseball keeps guys out for betting and "maybe" using steriods, football will roll out the red carpet for someone that is protecting murderers. Shameful.

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