Which team will win the College Football Playoff final?

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  • Stan - 3 years ago

    It is possible that the student learned and applies his lessons better than people think he can, if you will take note the Bama Defense has not been quit as good in the last couple of years. So when you take into account that Coach Nick has a new offensive coordinator and a second year defensive coordinator that is leaving after this game his support may not be quit as good as it normally would be.
    I know that Sabin is 11 and 0 against his students that gone on to become head coaches, That also tells me that the law of averages are not necessarily in his favor, soon or later one of his students will create some lucky breaks that will lead to an upset of the master. If the dogs defense will play as well as they did in the SEC championship game and the 3rd quarter of the Rose Bowl game they will handle Bama and come away with a win.
    I just have the feeling that this may very well be the year that the student shows how well he was trained and how well he will use what he learned and I don't think Sabin would expect or want any less from Kirby....

  • Wild Bill - 3 years ago

    Comments on 4/8 team play-off.
    Actually the Play-Off Committee did pretty good in rankings in the upper tiers. Reviewing the Bowl games outcome. Most of the above ranked teams did win. If there were more 'upsets', then the committee whiffed.
    With the exception of South Carolina vs Mich and Auburn vs UCF as the under ranked team upsets, the outcomes were pretty good. Consecutive ranked teams are harder to predict but with no 'blow outs' even in upsets, the committee did pretty good.

    On the 8 team format. I don't have any opinions either way. I know that a lot of people would like to see it happen. Here's my position: IF the Play-Off expands to 8 teams, somehow we need to reduce the over-all games being played during regular season. Another game or two doesn't sound like much in narrative but the punishment adding games at the season end AND with tougher opposition is a very real concern. These athletes are not paid and should not have to be exposed to more physical punishment, risk of loss to enter the NFL, etc. So if you want 8 teams, how to address?
    Also, to keep the spread even #1 plays #5, #2 plays #6, and etc, that way everybody has the same ranking spread.
    My 2 cents....

  • Fisherman - 3 years ago

    Saw both games - Georgia finally beat a very good Oklahoma team by better line play in the second half. Alabama also played well and was the recipient of 2 very good and fortuitous defensive plays that gave them the edge. Those two plays changed the game dynamic. Tide lines also outplayed Clemson who played sub par Clemson football. Who will win the championship game? Georgia will - same way UCF beat Auburn. Because few think it will happen. Go Dawgs.

  • big dog - 3 years ago

    Auburn should be number one because they beat both the tyde and dogs.

  • Dave Gehle - 3 years ago

    It’s a regular season SEC game, who really cares who wins but Alabama and Georgia fans.

  • Dutch - 3 years ago

    This was a setup. Bama lost to auburn on purpose, knowing they would make 4th seed and have more time to heal and rest than the other teams. :)

  • Ledemk - 3 years ago

    Cheryl Bishop: Oklahoma did NOT beat themselves. If you remember, GA blocked an attempted fieldgoal in the first OT. In the second OT, Georgia had the ball. All they had to do was kick a field goal. Instead, they ran the ball, on the very FIRST play. So, give it to GA...
    Also, if you all remember, OK was up on GA for 17 points. GA fought back. Fromm with his versatility, the defense has speed. GA has overcome.
    I will give this to the Dawgs in an upset finish, thanks to a last second, 51 yard field goal to Rodrigo Blankenship: 34-31.

    GO DAWGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • BJ - 3 years ago

    Did any of you guys WATCH the Peach Bowl? Sloooooooopy! The ONLY thing I saw was Nick Saben and that's ALL Alabama has...and that wont be enough to handle Ga....because they have Kirby Smart along with a well disciplined offense and defense.

  • Jimmy - 3 years ago

    Cheryl, how dumb are you? OU beat OU? no, that is not how it works! did you not see baker crying because Georgia BEAT OU?!! so funny!! he did not deserve the Heisman either!! one good year against a weak conference does not make you the best player in football. Just look at manzel! the other recent joke of the Heisman selection.
    butthurt OU fans will be crying like baker for a long time to come, LOL

  • Jimmy - 3 years ago

    I like to see the comments about how Georgia can't beat Bama. Just like no one thought they would beat OU, but guess what?!! We did! and We Will beat Bama too. Did you see how often Clemson was in the back field against Hurta? #3 will not miss him like Clemson did over and over! just like OU did a good job against the line in the first half, but the second half was a different story. So even if Bama and I don't think they will, have the lead at the half, wait until the 4th quarter is over to pick you win.

  • rowdyfg - 3 years ago

    Georgia in a close upset 24-21

  • Moi - 3 years ago

    Only dumb people will say Oklahoma "allowed" Georgia to win. A Freshman QB beat a Crying Heisman QB. Oklahoma SUCKS and they are OUT! hahaha....Georgia is good and has a good chance to beat Alabama. The media and morons out there hate the fact that the SEC is the best conference in college football. Bunch of Haters and losers like Oklahoma fans.

  • Cheryl Bishop - 3 years ago

    Georgia did not beat Oklahoma. Oklahoma beat Oklahoma. They cannot win against Alabama. They just do not have what it takes. They would not have won against Oklahoma if Baker had been calling the plays. Alabama is smart for wanting Georgia as their opponent. They couldn't beat Oklahoma either.

  • kerry pitts - 3 years ago

    Alabama game over by half-time bama by 21 @ the half

  • Nick SaGoat-Nick Saban - 3 years ago

    Georgia isn't good enough to beat Alabama Nick Saban and the Alabama O and D will Kill it out there.

  • keith plowden - 3 years ago

    Georgia will win this game. No matter how much the media and all those idiots out there that think we don't have what it takes to beat a team that really haven't played many tough teams this season then so be it. We have proved we own the SEC and that will be the final icing on the cake next Monday.

  • Daniel Hanes - 3 years ago

    Not sure Georgia can beat Bama straight up, the Tide are on a mission! Go Bama!

  • John L - 3 years ago

    Georgia got lucky in beating OU, due to some bad play calling. They won't beat Alabama, 'cause Saban won't make those mistakes that OU made.

  • BH - 3 years ago

    Oklahoma blew it. Alabama by 21 over Georgia

  • s casey - 3 years ago

    Go Crimson Tide!!!!!!!!!!!! Humble them!!!!!!!!

  • A Porter - 3 years ago

    GO DAWGS !

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