What fight should’ve been bumped to put Johnson-Elkins on the main card?

  • All Day - 3 years ago

    That tweet could've lost him bonuses...We'll see

  • Alistair Gibson - 3 years ago

    PVZ is gonna win via metro PCS commercial

  • Chris - 3 years ago

    Actually I would like to see this Johnson-Elkins fight moved to the following weekend to help an otherwise weak PPV main card.

  • Shutup - 3 years ago

    Move that whiney b*tch down to fightpass. Be thankful you got a spot, and its a FS1 spot... so you're on prelims and not main, get over it, its all on fs1. Hometown gets you nada, your skills do, and talking shit about how you wanted main card because of being in your hometown isnt the way to make a name for yourself. sorry, I just don't like whiney ass babies complaining about ONE spot. not like its fs1 prelims and then ppv main card, whine your bitchass mouth then, not when its all fs1.

  • Kyle E - 3 years ago


  • Kyle E - 3 years ago

    Dude hall is gonna have a charge on him after fight night....assault on the elderly Lmao. I love victor but he needs to retire...please! Lol

  • Kyle - 3 years ago


  • Kyle - 3 years ago

    It doesn't take a rocket scientist to pick out the 3 round snoozer on this main event

  • DudeK - 3 years ago

    Being the main event of prelims is solid and I believe winning the fight and winning in a spectacular fashion is more important then where the fight is on the card line up,,, I guess being on the fight pass part of the card is mostly for new talent and not even on tv so i can see not wanting to b on that part of card as a UFC vet but main event of prelims is great and I personally don't see it as a knock or negative for MJ v Elkins ,, I say worry about beating Elkins not where the fight is on card line up,,,,

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