Could Oprah defeat Trump in 2020?

Posted 1 year.


  • Bob - 1 year ago

    Ken, what you say is true, up to a point. But beyond that point; Oprah is far more innately intelligent, far more ethically and morally motivated. She is a far more charismatic and cogent speaker than Trump could ever hope to be. Trump's Ivy League education was wasted on him. Her education, in show biz and otherwise, has elevated her to a much higher level than him.

  • Ken - 1 year ago

    Trump is a billionaire without any experience in government. Oprah is a billionaire without any experience in government. Unless a lack of experience is a job qualification, neither are qualified. Obama tried to give Trump president lessons, but who will do that for Oprah? Oprah is nicer, but that's not enough. She would be like a French teacher who does not know French, but struggles to be one chapter ahead of the students in the textbook. Oprah should be spared the torture of flailing around in public, trying to learn as she goes.

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