What's your e-log implementation status?


  • Daniel McComb - 6 years ago

    I was setting in the T/A Porter IN driver for prime was asking questions about having my own authority. He said been driving for three months by himself. Only was a trainer for four weeks and trainer did all the driving. I think maybe the government look more into the big companies that are getting are tax dollars. And make rules for four wheelers that cause a lot of accidents.I bought my truck and trailer like I'm going to drive like a nut spent to much money on equipment. Maybe we should put a time clock in the white house and cap wages 2 weeks vacation they do work for US think everyone forgot that (work for us we pay there wages)

  • Don Truelock - 6 years ago

    Im getting out of an 04 Pete and getting into a 94 Kenworth to remain on paper logs

  • David Wakeman hot- shotter - 6 years ago

    Wow I tried e-logs well still trying omg it's time for me to go to sleep (my e-log) maybe it knows my body and mind better then I it's 09:15 goodnight all see u on a wet,curvey hwy about 0230 (my e-logs) says I'm ok to drive bump,bump? ?was that someone changing a flat tire or was that a person crossing the road I heak I won't ? It my e-log says I'm ok to drive (GET THE POINT! !!

  • Stumpmaker - 6 years ago

    Unlike big companies, I'm not government subsided. I bought my truck,paid for my truck, and have paid the maintenance on my truck. I will not do this eld. It's not the government's business, it's mine. When the government starts subsidising my business, like they do with big trucking company's, then they can have a say as to what I do in my business.

  • Saddle Sore - 6 years ago

    Wow no wonder trucking aint what it use to be way too many wanta be truckdrivers willing to roll over to get there belly rubed back in the day when they were saying truckdrivers are a dieing breed hell i didnt think they were talkin bout me 37 years driveing otr accident free & without the aid of someone else decideing when i should pull over when i need a nap ect.. i was raised in a trucking family owner ops father & uncles brother's everbody in the house was a truckdriver except but the dog i'll never forget the oldman saying when the first drug test started being introduced i'd rather meet a truck in the middle of the night on two lane road knowing that drivers got a pill or two in his system than to meet him knowing he's tired as hell and cant take something cause he's worried bout takeing a drug test for somebody i've been drug into a lot of changes in this industrie over the years like brakes on steer axle's being inforced as a law,radial tires, & can we ever forget the ford 9000 cab over with air ride on the cab hell we all thought if radial tire roll wouldnt kill us a tracktor with air bags on it's cab first shap curve you'll roll it for sure we'll lot of thoese things turned out not so bad but the eld is a freaking dissaster for the trucking industry and the american truckdriver & everything we stand for there's nothing wrong with the companys that run eld's thats there choice the same as it's up to the driver to decide if he wants to work for a company useing eld's i personaly have not and truely thought my President was a bit smarter than what he has showed & would not allow it to go through consumer prices are gonna skyrocket on everything & teams are gonna be in bigger demand than ever the worst part to me also of eld not to come off like a speed demon im not ready or will i ever be ready to drive a 60mph 65mph governed truck and for some of us traffic delays weather or the normal stuff that can throw a wrench in when you thought you could be there a steep it up a little to make up some time or a shipper or reciever with a chip on his shoulder & a hard on for every truckdriver he deals with with eld's and big brother's head so far up a truckdrovers keyster already they can tell if you still got your tonsills who needs it & i've heard some old boys saying that there not worried about apointments or delivery times now when they get it they'll get it untill morr guys follow thru with a methed like that were all f*@%ed i for am not compliant and untill april 1st shall not be unless the fine's start being more at the end of the week than my paycheck i know nothing stays the same but i dont want to be a part of the roll over go along with gang it's the most invasive & intrusive law ever imposed on truckdrivers yet where will it end i tead a while back arkansaw is forceing human trafficing classes on cdl holders to be aware of and report trafficing are you shitting me i think if most of us gets passed by a car with somebody hand cuffed and gaged in the back seat floor board theres a problem that needs reported but to attach a class on me to keep my cdl un fing believeable what's next ??? Let a truck driver do what he's suppose to do & let us alone hell the mail man gets patts on the back with a great motto thru wind,sleet,snow you know shit he's just walking in it but he cant even do that if a truckdriver dont get it to him let us do what we do best keep america working,playing,eating,and liveing it's been a great ride for 37 years met a lot of great people some really kool skilled true truckdrivers met a lot of idiots to but they werent all in big trucks find somebody else's life and lively hood to destroy federal goverment you cant close or seal our borders you cant eliminate the overflow of illeagal's takeing over this country what happen to your war on drugs you were fighting & looseing go back to fighting that and let us truckdrivers do what weve done for ever without you'r prying eyes in our trucks our lifes and ou

  • Dennis Meyer - 6 years ago

    Been on slogs for 2 years. You got to plan your day. The business that held us in the dock ate on list we do not return to them. We have found some good lanes that both companies have work with us. All the excuses are drivers that refuse to change. Yes there are problems that we need to deal with them, but complaining is not the answer. Need to work together to solve them. I look forward to the data being release that shows which companies that will not work with trucking companies. Do we have guts to blackball them they either change or go out of business. Time will tell.

  • Ground Pounder - 6 years ago

    Installed an AOBRD at the last minute. It has cost me two out of the last three weeks. I WILL be running an exempt truck by the 1st of march. I (WE) voted for Trump, was hoping and praying that this was one of those insane regulations that he would squash by executive order. I know that he has a lot on his plate, and I can have SOME patience, but please Pres. Trump, hear us, the little guys. the salt of the earth-- NOT the mega companies or the ATA. And by the way, those of you that are crucifying Trump for not doing this -at least yet-- What chance do you think we'd have if Hilliary and the dirty democrats had won?

  • Tina - 6 years ago

    Currently Ag Exempt, and going to a Pre- 2000. No ELogs here, EVER.

  • Paul - 6 years ago

    Mine has not worked properly since the day I installed it. Manufacturer of the “Self Certified” device has not been able to resolve the issues with their device.
    Currently running via paper logs under a petition approved by the FMCSA.

  • Randall C Simons - 6 years ago

    With reluctance I have the e log. I know of hardly any grown adult that sleeps 10 hours. I drive and I
    sleep when I get tired. Nobody should be able to tell me when to sleep and when to drive. I am the owner of this rig.
    There are already truckers looking for parking when they are tired. Parking availability is insane. Have you
    see the exit and on ramps lined up with trucks? Now that's safe.

  • J.B. McCrary - 6 years ago

    After painstaking and time consuming research a fairly pricey system from a fairly well known provider was selected by us and implementation of 25% of the fleet began in October. The problems with the equipment and software began on day 1 and only got worse. We had connectivity and engine sync issues, the systems would make changes of duty status changes by itself while the trucks were at highway speed (from driving to on or off duty), sitting at the dock (from on or off duty to mostly driving but many times sleeper) and would make the mandatory switch to driving at anywhere from 3 to 10 mph (instead of 5). Messages and documents were not being transmitted or received timely or at all at times, recorded mileages were incorrect, the problems go on and on. On top of that their customer service department was so overwhelmed that if you could get them on the phone, their standard go to answer was "replace the unit / cable", which were usually on back order. Out of frustration and desperation I raised enough hell to get out of the contract and took the units out of the trucks during the 1st week of December.

    In the meantime I have been diligently looking for another ELD system. All of the Telecoms are in the field now and have partnered with ELD and Telematic providers to offer turn key solutions at what appear to be reasonable price points, but their reviews, for the most part, are concerning at best and in many cases embarrassingly bad. The bigger and more established ELD providers seem to get better reviews from customers but are expensive, some ridiculously so.

    So I'm juggling the "grace period" against the possibly of some reportedly high dollar fines trying to buy myself enough time to make an informed, educated business decision in an effort to not make another costly (if in time if nothing else) mistake.

    Yes, we had two years, no I'm not whining. There were lots of influences and factors involved with the decision to wait until we did, all of them important and deliberate to us. unfortunately for us the market seems to be as unprepared as we were, also waiting to the last minute to ramp up production and staffing to meet the demands put on it.

  • dreamer - 6 years ago

    My husband who was over the road owner/operator has now went to local driving hauling heavy loads.He said he refuses to allow anyone to tell him when or how to operate his truck,as long as he's the one paying for it. He has been o/o for 36 years and if this doesn't work,time to let go of the steering wheel. What the government should be focused on is longer,better training for CDL license,it took my 16 year old longer to get her driver license, and she only drives a car!

  • MARTIN l DAVIS - 6 years ago

    absolutely the most insane reg to come down the pike for our industry and could only be indorsed, accepted and pushed by either govt folk who have never worked an honest days work in they're lives and therefore clueless to the nature of the difficultys we have to manage everyday in getting freight moved out here in the real world or large carrier execs who mistreat there drivers and need this

  • SuperDuck - 6 years ago

    Well I have been running elogs for awhile. Don’t much like them but this industry is always changing. I’ve been driving 20 years and with all the changes has me questioning my future in this industry. I’ve closed my business and got rid of my trucks. Due to changes of more to operate but still got the same LOW rates. Mega carriers want drivers to work for peanuts and stay away from home for weeks at a time for low wage. They say. Elogs make us safer but the steering wheel holders there turning out of the mill are a JOKE. Good Luck America as I see a future of empty shelves

  • Big Ben - 6 years ago

    I work for a private carrier. We manufacture horse trailers and have only one truck in which I drive. I've been out here 29 years and have never had a problem with going to bed when I'm sleepy. I used to be able to take a nap when I neared a big city and get through the rush hours before they start. But now I'm like all the rest, racing the 14 hour clock. I deliver to the same places and have been doing so accident free for a long time. I planned my route and stopped at the same places to sleep and eat. But now thanks to the ELD, I have to learn all over again.!Now im like everyone else, gambling for a spot and cutting my day short. All my hauls are a thousand miles or further, That's a day and a half. Now it takes 2 days to get there, 2 days back. We are a 5 day a week company, Thus ELD has cut my paycheck and created stress. This isn't a one size fits all thing. Yea I fudged a little on paper, but I was used to what I do. My mindset was 7 or 8 hundred miles a day or stay home. Guess what I can't afford to stay home. Thanks a lot ATA and the big outfits for making me hate this job even more. I don't need some box telling me when to go to bed or telling me how to do my job.

  • Voodoo - 6 years ago

    COMPLETELY agree with Brice Ehrich 100%! Hubs is an O/O and has been running elogs for some time with no problems (driving for 23 years). The more folks that aren't willing to adapt and progress means reduced competition and higher rates for those who are. Thanks from the forward thinking big boys!

  • Voodoo - 6 years ago

    COMPLETELY agree with Brice Ehrich 100%! Hubs is an O/O and has been running elogs for some time with no problems. The more folks that aren't willing to adapt and progress is a way of reducing competition. So if you can't take the heat that will ultimately result in fewer available drivers and increased rates. Thanks from the forward thinking big boys!

  • James Baker - 6 years ago

    The company I'm working for is waiting to install the ELD. I went ahead and bought the Rand McNally bundle kit using my own money, installed it, and then tried to set it up. Problem that I ran into is the fact that the US DOT number shows to already be in use. I informed my boss about the problem, he is blowing it off. I even wrote an email to the company that is monitoring the system, asking them to investigate why the US DOT number is already in use, I got no response from them. I'm still on paper log.

  • Jason Smith - 6 years ago

    ... Responding to Duanne, C’mon man buy a glider kit with a 1999 motor and get back doing what you love. We need safe drivers like you out here!!

  • Tom - 6 years ago

    Fuck elogs. I quit. 3 million accident free miles.
    No sleepy trucker is going to kill me because a machine forced him to drive. Good luck to all.
    It’s been a pleasure riding beside many of you.

  • Duane Zartman - 6 years ago

    I have gone to e log but it’s temporary cause I have decided to get out of trucking after 22 years accident free with an excellent dot rating but for the month or so I have been doing I’ve lost 1000 dollars of revenue each week and I cannot survive with that continuing going forward. Because my financial situation took a hit hard over the last 2 years one year 12000 in a new head for truck and a year and a month drop of valve and losing that kind of money each week I cannot recover so I have get out of running my own truck. I’m so pissed that I have to give up my business and the one thing I loved to do for the hole 22 years. I will not drive out of the state I live in for anyone else cause I still have to do same shit with somebody else. I have always maximized my 70 hour work week more than anyone I know. I have always worked hard like that cause my with is disabled and I have to work harder cause she don’t work and the little bit of soc. Security she gets is not even what I earn in a week for hole month. So I have sacrificed and missed a lot of kids growing up but I was doing something I love and could support my family. Now the government is sticking everyone in a box like a bunch of robots insuring that you can only make has much has the next guy. I had over 22 years never been late unless truck broke down or deathly sick which was very rare. Until I put this stupid elog in my truck 2 times in one week. It’s not about driving 24/7 which I have never done but yes for those wondering I did cheat on my log but only for the hours of being detained at shipper, receiver or long hourly back ups to get my 11 hours of driving time in, and then always slep at least 8 hrs cause ten is way to many hours hate sitting around. When I’m truck all about business not out here to play that’s for home time. Plus these regs make me feel like I don’t even and can’t run my business to be successful anymore. Plus the fact that these large company’s are supporting the bill should of been a cause for alarm right from get go. Cause they know that we’re not set up to do and haven’t been sucking up to government for years to make everyone else run like they do. He CEO of us express on road dog say that’s why they bought 2 million dollars worth of more power units when ask why. His exact words where we want to be ready cause there not equip to do what we’ve been setting up for for years so when the small carriers go out of business we want to be ready to move in. Exact words. What’s funny who they gonna get to haul there so called hot loads cause they always look to the independents when there trucks couldn’t do the job. Sorry for really long rant but I’m pissed. I think it is stupid to be making drivers chase a clock all day. I don’t have speeding tickets and I don’t push but sense that idiot elog has been in the truck I pissed every minute I loss all day. Find myself rushing something I haven’t done for years take my time do the job right if I’m tired I lay down. That was the first thing I was taught when first driving the rushing will cause an accident or you’ll forget to do something and now something bad happens. I’m experienced an feel like this is not making things saver at all it’s making it worse!!! Example new guy tell his dispatch I don’t have hours to get it there on time the dispatcher says well I can see you pick up hours at midnight you can still get it there. Forcing him to drive out of his normal routine just cause a elog says you got hours doesn’t mean making a guy who’s only been driving a month and doesn’t drive at night is wrong. Well I could go on all day but you all get my point. Pissed off and nobody seems to be listening or cares. Don’t know what I’m going to do???? this is all I love to do and f u federal goverment for pushing me out of my business and giving it to all the large corporations that I can’t compete with. End of rant DZ

  • Bill thompson - 6 years ago

    I won’t be driving a truck with a sleeper on it anymore, do my days work and park the truck, don’t care if theres an ELD in it. I’ll be sleeping in my own bed, or i’m done driving.

  • SRB - 6 years ago

    There is no exemption that will cure any of this 100% flawed system. Why try to enforce this on people that are not true commercial truckers. For that matter this should not even be in commercial trucks. If a company wants to use this as their own private system that's fine.

  • Michael Delisle - 6 years ago

    Running on e-log. currently running on a waiver ( exemption) hours of service in northern new england. Due to the weather there's a shortage of petroleum products

  • Brice Ehrich - 6 years ago

    E Logs is not the real problem. Companies and Owner Operators that hall cheap freight and do not make shipper and receivers held responsible fore long watt time and the HOURS OF SERVICE NEED MORE FLEXABLETY so if you get held up you got time to get ta point of safety. Parking has been a problem for some time now it did not start with E-Logs. In my opinion buy blaming all your problems on E-Logs is say you did not run league before.

  • Michael Delisle - 6 years ago

    Running on e-log. currently running on a waiver ( exemption) hours of service in northern new england. Due to the weather there's a shortage of petroleum products

  • Rhonda Honda - 6 years ago

    We love the old trucks anyway so no e-logs here

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