Which Cover Should Carol Use?

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Poll posted 2 years ago.


  • Karen Radcliff - 2 years ago

    Cover A depicts more of what the space ship looks like but I like option 2 because it shows the sun rising with the mysterious ship hovering from afar.

    Good Job

  • Douglas Winslow Cooper - 2 years ago

    I prefer A, for being brighter and having the spaceship more prominent. Congratulations!

  • Sue - 2 years ago

    I like different aspects. A is great but title needs to be black to be readable
    B is great for “darkness” concept. Title is readable
    Someone in OP said you have 8 sec for a buyer to pull your book off of shelf or put in cart
    Best to you on your new book. Great fun!!

  • Royalene - 2 years ago

    I LOVE the subtle image of the face on the 2nd cover option. However, I believe the brightness of cover "A" will draw more buyers online and in the bookstores.

  • Mary Manisero - 2 years ago

    Deffinately B. It's is more intriguing. Makes you want to buy it

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