Do you trust KLAS's product rankings? (Poll Closed)

  • Yes
    69 votes

  • No, because I think they are biased or cater to vendors who pay them.
    145 votes

  • No, because I don't trust their statistical methods.
    22 votes

  • No, because I can't verify the qualifications of the people they interview, the size and type of employer, or what version of the product they use.
    51 votes

  • No, because they aren't transparent about how they do business.
    71 votes



  • RainMan - 2 years ago

    KLAS is a pure "Pay to Play" scheme. They "shake down" (read "entice") potential vendors to fork over large sums to get considered for a top rating. If it was self-funded or exclusively "subscriber funded" then objectivity might be possible. Their results are tainted by the means of obtaining them.

  • KLAShole - 2 years ago

    The company I used to work for had a few large health systems as customers. We couldn't even get listed with KLAS because our health systems (implementing our technology in multiple hospitals) only counted as 1 customer each. Bogus calculation method. Additionally, our under performing partners with large marketing budgets would get listed as the Best in KLAS leader year after year. 100's of support tickets being open at any time with those partner companies indicated otherwise. KLAS sucks. Ask for a reference call/visit without the vendor present instead of using their sham of a service.

  • Sigma SD - 2 years ago

    I wanted to select options 2-5 as reasons for not trusting KLAS results but unfortunately, the poll doesn't allow that.
    The results of the poll as is are pretty darn damning for KLAS but unfortunately, they are pretty much the only game in town. And in any case, it is not as if there are that many EMR options to chose from anyways. CIOs can play the Russian roulette and pray that when the trigger is pressed, it is an empty chamber.

  • Specious - 2 years ago

    Vendors think KLAS rankings are important to providers. They are not, or at least in my organization as a CIO. We only look at the product rankings before taking the CFO a contract to be reviewed. It's easier to justify if that product isn't ranked in the bottom half whether it really means anything. Don't care about the rest.

  • Susan - 2 years ago

    I feel that the folks at KLAS are honest and above board. They try to do the best they can to verify information about the vendor products that they evaluate. I do know that the information they receive from the vendors may not always be all encompassing. For example, they called me a few years ago, when I worked for a vendor that I shall not mention, and asked me for a list of my customers. I provided a the list but left off the customers that I knew had problems with our products. Shame on me.

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