Which one of these practices have you most often seen when dealing with brokers?


  • Jennifer - 6 years ago

    Some broker’s agents stop answering the phone when dock time extends into ridiculousness, then they don’t want to pay appropriate detention. Keeping a list of ineffective agents and companies not to service, and letting other Drivers know. In the meantime, the ELD cascade of missed loads has begun...

  • Doug - 6 years ago

    Brokers are like everything else. There are good ones and there are bad ones.

  • Wesley - 6 years ago

    I only run brokered freight, but I built a business relationship with about 5 different brokers and have been making great money. If you use a different broker on every load and are just chasing a rate, you will not have success using brokers. Build a relationship and you will, as they’ll trust you and call you with loads that never hit the load board, and pay you more as they’ll know it will be picked up and delivered with no problems. They can move on to other loads.

    Of course they’ll are trying to make as much money, just as carriers are as they can. Who care what a broker makes as long as the carriers are making money.

    Worry about how much money you make, not how much other people make and you will be way more successful in life.

  • steve imler - 6 years ago

    i find a lot of rates i'm getting paying like $3 to $10 a mile , base on trips of 98 to 500 miles.... while many brokers think giving $2.00 or less shows how much brokers hold back and they furnish practically nothing !!!!!!

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