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Class 3A Mr. Wrestler of the Year (Poll Closed)

Total Votes: 24,352

  • jack - 5 years ago

    i say joel and nelson meet at a weightclass in the middle so joel can slap him and shut you guys up. #CNG

  • Chet Stedman - 5 years ago

    Shapiro is the most dominant wrestler in Iowa High school this year.

  • Hugs - 5 years ago

    Y’all just mad that Joel has a bigger fan base

  • Colby - 5 years ago

    Mark stop getting mad because shapiro is beating ur butt buddy brands. Dudes gonna be a 2x state champ and undeafted both seasons. Stop blaming a fucking bot and calling him a cheater, especially when hes the better wrestler.

  • Mark - 5 years ago

    I’m going to bet Shapiro beats Brands by 70 points because it’s ahead EXACTLY 70 points all day......cheat much??

  • J - 5 years ago

    This seems rigged. Shapiro has been ahead every day that I’ve voted by the same amount. Seems computer generated.

  • Will Heathman - 5 years ago

    Y'all bimsols really think Shapiro set up a bit? Get a life loser.

  • Jack Templeton - 5 years ago

    you guys really think Joel took the time to figure out/set up a bot? Gtfoh bruh y’all mad he went undefeated n won that state title huh? see him in fortnite then we’ll talk

  • dylan - 5 years ago

    shut the hell up about bots, get a job

  • Zach Buchanan - 5 years ago

    U guys really act like someone cares that much about this vote to use a bot???????? stop being salty because the person u want to win is getting shit on

  • K. Lucas - 5 years ago

    It is very suspicious that the same person has remained in the lead by the same number of votes (150-250 or so) for days and days. It looks like someone is using a bot to cheat for one of the kids, throwing a vote or two his way anytime a vote is cast for one of the others, and that is a shame.

  • WAY - 5 years ago

    screen shots of what, exactly? Poll results? Not sure what you could submit as "proof" of anything, other than other people's comments about their experiences. Obviously there is no way to "prove" anything, unless poll daddy looks into it.

  • Tony Hager - 5 years ago

    Could you please provide screenshots of such. IAwrestle has no control of the voting polls. Unless someone has an inside with there is no rigging going on.

    Please provide screenshots and I'll submit them to PollDaddy

  • D.Linn - 5 years ago

    There’s definitely something going on with this. Unfortunately, I don’t expect there to be any sort of “investigation.” Trying to vote for a friend’s nephew but surprisingly the gap never changes. Seems suspiciously rigged.

  • K.Way - 5 years ago

    There are significant voting errors with this website. I have several friends voting who have closely monitored their votes, and more than several times their "votes" were credited to another wrestler. Many others have gone on to say that their votes are not counted at all despite >24 hours between votes (not simply calendar days). And it is statistically improbable that the lead vote getter would consistently remain between 150-250 votes ahead of the next vote getter at nearly every moment in time, day or night. Something smells rotten.

  • C.Floyd - 5 years ago

    That Shapiro kid is using a bot to vote.... There is some kind of have going on. At 1am hundreds of people were voting for him?? I don't believe it! Cheaters never win.

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