• Mark loftus - 3 years ago

    Champions is a great and highly versatile game. Loved it since the 1980's

  • Sandy Smith - 3 years ago

    Awesome read

  • Daniel Dickson - 3 years ago

    Golden Age Champions is a great source book for superhero gaming in that era, regardless of preferred game system. It has tons of easily-digested historical information emphasizing what's useful to gamers; and scads of plot seeds and NPCs. It refers to the official Champions Universe as the default, but easily fits into almost any GA setting. And the PDF version of the book includes character sheets for all the NPCs for Mutants and Masterminds and Savage Worlds.

  • Bryan Beyer - 3 years ago

    I bought both and enjoy greatly. Complete Guide to Warriors of Cosmos is great expansions for Cartoon Action Hour and does great job make things. Mighty Protectors: Villains and Vigilantes is great update of bringing second oldest supers game that was created.

  • Dean Lewis - 3 years ago

    Great games

  • Adam - 3 years ago

    WOW, I missed most all of those releases. Thanks for the list.

  • Mark Craddock - 3 years ago

    Thanks for doing this.

  • Gary Brown - 3 years ago

    Holy cow! I didn’t play any superhero games in 2017. Got to change that this year!

  • Steve Perrin - 3 years ago

    I am fairly sure Against the Axis came out in 2017, but it may be 2016. Interestingly, there is no date on the book.

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