Should the State of Illinois lift the ban on rent control to address rising rents, unjust evictions and gentrification in our community?


  • scb - 6 years ago

    the poll is both appalling and a joke
    blatantly biased and purposely misleading
    rent control = fighting unjust evictions
    rent control = anti-gentrification

    both of the above are laughable to include in a poll question as 1) everyone is against "unjust" anything and 2) gentrification, a loaded word, means many things to many people. its is a neutral word, yet in this context is a "bad thing"

    the poll is just laughable as having any remote legitimate power of being an indication of public sentiment.

    RENT CONTROL = "Should the State lift the ban of rent control and allow the state or local government to put limits on the rent an owner can collect?" plain, simple and by definition, to the point.

    What is the referendum language going to be ?

  • JWB - 6 years ago

    Look at the way the question is phrased. Totally slanted to get a "yes" response.

  • Brian Ploszay - 6 years ago

    There needs to be good policy on an issue like this. Rent control is not new and the effects have been studied. Rent control is well meaning, but often helped create a shortage of housing in the long run.

    The best way to deal with affordable housing is to remove the barriers to development. With rent control, less units will be built. Usually new construction is luxury housing. But development lets older apartments become more affordable. Simple supply and demand.

    Apartments are becoming expensive mostly in gentrifying areas. I feel the pain of long term residents in Logan Square. Younger professionals have strong preference to live in the City, where as a generation ago, many ended up in the suburbs. To counter that, we have an apartment building boom in Chicago. As of today, the rental market has softened because of over-supply. Hence the market is starting to deliver more affordable opportunities.

    For sure something needs to be done. But rent control will cut off a key component of affordable housing - those who supply new units. Rent control really isn't good policy in the long run.

  • Marian - 6 years ago

    I moved here in 2007, rented for 5 years; every year rent jumped $100. RETIRED TEACHER from Nebraska, on a limited fixed income. I moved here to be near my daughter & her family - 3 grandsons - Only a small unexpected windfall allowed me enough $ for a down payment on small condo that brought my housing expense down, has kept it lower than my last year's rent before I moved to condo - even with slight increases in assessment fee over last 5 years.Had that not happened, I couldn't afford to live here. Rent costs are unconscionable!

  • Joyce - 6 years ago

    This is another reason that Cook County is kniwn as CROOK COUNTY!! Ashame that these money grabbers don’t. Care about humans!☹️

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