How much do you think the Model 3 dual motor option will cost?


  • Greg Young - 6 years ago

    A second motor in the smaller model 3 could make it the fastest 4 seat production auto made. Period. How much is that worth?

  • Robert Vallentyne - 6 years ago

    List prices of cars are always the lowest cost version available. The fact that people want to upgrade and spend more money, does not stop others from paying $35k. People who want a base model for the cost savings, value that more than long range, dual motor or a fancier interior. I would not say that the affordable car is becoming $55k. The high performance maybe, but not the affordable car.

  • Shabbir hussain - 6 years ago

    2 motor model will be good for Canadian Weather as long as price is affordable should not be more than $3000

  • Matthew Clark - 6 years ago

    This affordable $35k car is quickly turning into $55k. Not sure what the market will be at that price.

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