Was the whisky raid at this Commercial Drive bar heavy handed or fair?

  • john - 3 years ago

    everyone thinks the law is unfair when it doesn't go towards their favor, but the law is the law and you got caught...deal with it...

  • Bruich Laddie - 3 years ago

    The law is an ass. Over regulation and nannying out of step with a free market in a free society. Time for serious change.

  • Johny walker - 3 years ago

    Sad to see a fellow restaurant trying to change the facts. This "fets" can buy all they want to legally from their local bc liquorstore. Instead of buying a whole case of 6 or 12 they chose to buy only one bottle from each sque. I hope they get fined. Also lope they get looked into another law which they might be breaking. As a food primary I hope the inspectors find out if they are selling more liquor than food. That will tell if their license is in question as well

  • Darryl Craig - 3 years ago

    The law is the law and I won't dispute that. However when one looks at the allowances that are being made for marijuana sales and distribution, this seems a little trite. People involved in these whiskey tastings are paying handsomely for this opportunity and would no doubt pay an appropriate tax to do so. BC's liquor acquisition laws are antiquated and need to be revised quickly. We are already a source of wonder to the rest of the world. Let's smarten up.

  • Jasen nielsen - 3 years ago

    This was beyond heavy handed, the provincial government and city makes no effort to control the use of pot or it's sale. There is zero legal ground for any pot shop to be open. I can walk in no goofy card in 80% of them and buy weed. But it I was to set up shop in Robson square selling Bailey's and coffee along side the edible sellers or in front of Playland I would be shut down.

  • Wally - 3 years ago

    Legalize it and cut out the regulatory nonsense.

  • Edward Niedziejko - 3 years ago

    Either make the whisky society products available for sale to bars and restaurants, or allow those those bars and restaurants to buy from the private resellers. This is a clear monopoly overreach.

  • Mike Hunt - 3 years ago

    As Justy said upon becoming prime minister, “...because it’s 2017!”

    Let’s bury the archaic, provincial, puritanical, and petty laws of the past and let grown ups do as they please (as long as it doesn’t hurt anybody).

    Phucking Government Babysitter Laws!

  • C. Wood - 3 years ago

    Visited the place. Pretty sad when business owners buy liscences to sell their products, yet pot, which has not been legalised yet is smoked freely throughout the province of BC and nothing is being done to uphold the law there. Can't even enjoy a meal on a patio without smelling that stink. The pot smokers feel they are not harming anybody, yet little children have to walk through all the smells of pot in that province. Thats an entrance drug. No wonder that province has such an issue with all the heavier drugs coming in. Nasty province to visit. Wouldn't recommend it! Leave the alcohol alone at least it's legalized. Hey people at the whisky kitchen, it was probably parties held at your place over the holiday season that outted you by spreading the word. Seen it before!! Enjoyed your place by the way. Needed a whiskey after what I seen going on in your province. Feel bad for you and your business as I seen so many struggling to make ends meat in BC. And if it's the law, uphold the law on all your pot smokers too like everyone else has to in this country.

  • Alex Black - 3 years ago

    The crazy part is that the government still profited from these bottles, the same (if not more taxes) were collected on each one that went into the system to support all our services. This law benefits nobody, in fact I would argue it hurts the Province of BC as that law is in place to protect our government owned liquor stores which are a massive drain on the profits collected by the BCLDB. If they still distributed and taxed alcohol but removed all the government owned stores and let private stores take their place we'd have the same revenue with far, far, far less overhead dipping into it. The government can't want this law, it's in place to protect a terrible retail operation and the union within it, they (and us) would be better without it. Let your local MP know about how you'd rather see our alcohol profits spent not on maintaining one of the worst liquor retail outlets in North America.

  • OMG - 3 years ago

    There are approximately 45,000 lawsuits pending against the Canadian government as the CBC has reported in 2016. They represent a multitude of issues and amount into the billions of dollars. The government plies it's people with alcohol and cannabis for profit but tries to sidestep the enormous social consequences of such policies. Canada will argue _that's what the taxes are for.
    Look the snake is eating it's tail,... again

  • Kevin reid - 3 years ago

    Once again big govt telling people what to might as well be communist

  • Dave Lang - 3 years ago

    This is against the law so the raid was not heavy handed. But the law needs to be revised to create another way for these businesses to pay the tax on these products.... like everyone else!

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