Should the WRHA start charging patients for CPAP machines and supplies?

  • Leanne - 4 years ago

    What people don realize is that CPAP is a life saving therapy. People have apnic spells that cause them to stop breathing many many times a night without this therapy people will die. People who can’t afford the therapy are going to lose more then money they are going to be at risk of losing their lives. This government is appalling it’s dessimating this province and the health and social services that we worked so hard to build. People with no health experience should stay far away from politics!!!!

  • Craig Gertley - 4 years ago

    I've been on CPAP therapy for a couple years now. It has made a huge impact on my life. It is very frustrating though to watch all of the cuts to our Health Care in general by this government, but cutting funds for people who need CPAP will cost everyone down the road. The amount of health complications from untreated sleep apnea is well documented. Continue to pay for the CPAP now, or pay more to fix the damage and health complications caused by this cut later. Preventative medicine is cheaper in the long run, for any health afflictions. Maybe someone should wake some of those politicians/beurocrats up from sleeping multiple times an hour for a year or two to show them the effects of what people who live with this condition deal with. I bet their tune would change in short order.

  • Sandra Mueller - 4 years ago

    Are you kidding me? This will be a negative effect for people who need their CPAP machine to survive!!! My husband was the first in Winnipeg to receive a CPAP machine in 1992 and it has been a Godsend for us!! He had a extremely hard time staying awake during the day. This is outrageous that they will take this away from people who desperately need their CPAP machine to survive!!!!

  • Martin Graham - 4 years ago

    I believe they should fund them because they help stop a number of serious medical problems that can arise from sleep apnea with one restriction. A useage chip needs to be installed in the machine to determine if the machine is actually being used. If not the patient should then be billed for the cost of the machine. These chips are used by insurance companies in the U.S. successfully.

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