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2017 Catch of the Year: Final (Poll Closed)


  • Not Theo's Dad - 6 years ago

    Obviously Theo's catch was the best ever. Whoever raised that boy put the time and effort in to produce a winner. Theo can do no wrong!

  • Millenium Falcon - 6 years ago

    People say to me many many times -- they say -- wow this is really great. This is really something. We're talking about jobs, and you know what else about let me tell you there are a number of frisbee people who are good at tremendous things and this is one of them because -- honestly -- the Russians are coming to America to have our babies.

  • Slag Dump - 6 years ago


  • Random Bear 6969 - 6 years ago

    Theo not winning this would be an assault on our democracy. I'm talking pitchforks and torches. Theo 4 President

  • Poutine For Putin - 6 years ago

    Full support for the greatest ultimate player from the Motherland!

  • This poll is rigged - 6 years ago

    Olga caught a disc that a defender completely and unjustifiably whiffed on. Great. Theo’s catch is a full horizontal, four feet in the air trailing edge masterpiece. 100x better/more athletic/more impressive. Can we stop making this the Cold War playing out via frisbee voting and just acknowledge that Theo’s catch is legitimately superior in basically every way (except for contextually, I get it it’s some bastard child of worlds in sand, but come on not even close).

  • Andrey Kudryavtsev - 6 years ago

    It was the great game and the amazing finally catch! Sport's classic for all time. Gog blessed this women. Thank you very much for the moment, Olga. Thank you Girls for the Glory. You are the best team!

  • медвежонок - 6 years ago

    Olya is the LeBron James of ultimate!

    We are all witnesses.

  • one_more_rus_hacker - 6 years ago

    Olga the best!

  • frisbob11 - 6 years ago

    If we are talking about "catch of the year" Theo should absolutely win - his catch is simply better.

  • another russian hacker - 6 years ago

    Everything is going well, as i see.

  • rus_hacker - 6 years ago

    It doesn't matter what all of you like or not lol.

  • shine_odo - 6 years ago

    This vote is about "catch of the year" Championship universe layout catch at the World's should definitely be named as "catch of the year". Was it lucky or not -- it's irrelevant.

  • Alena - 6 years ago

    I disagree with Fred Jenkins that it was a lucky catch from Olga Podolskaia. Olga is the best player in the world among women and by this catch in a final point in the final against the USA, the strongest women team, she only proved it and brought triumph to Russia. You have to see all this game to understand what we felt when Olga catched this disc, afterwards we shared with everyone this moment, with people who even don’t play frisbee. Moreover, it is not really fair to compare with a man catch, however, I think that Olga can beat many men in catching a disc. So, please don’t call it “a lucky one”, it was the best catch in 2017.

  • Fred Jenkins - 6 years ago

    I feel like Olga’s catch was just a lucky one. She showed heart by going after it even when the defender had her beat by a mile but really the only thin special is that the defender missed such an easy one. Theo’s catch, on the other hand, was an amazing display of athleticism and coordination. That took a lot of speed and focus to catch the disc and land it without getting hurt.

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