Which city has the worst fans? (If other, please comment the city)


  • Non-Eagles fan here - 5 years ago

    Just to be clear...I rooted for local teams and then became a front runner. I still like the Flyers. I justify being a bad fan by saying others are bad fans.

  • Dana Newman - 5 years ago

    Philly fans are passionate and forever loyal. They will let you know it if you’re not giving your best however if you give your best they will love you. Clearly they don’t tolerate poor effort. One thing for sure , they are blue collar tough and they expect their teams to be as well!

  • Gusto - 5 years ago

    I have been everywhere and while the Raiders fans look mean, they have some respect. Eagle fans are completely bloodthirsty vampires, or even better yet they're like Cujo. Frotheing at the mouth and want to eat anything that they see. Fucking insane. No competition here.

  • Non-Eagles Fan Here - 5 years ago

    Philly fans are NOT the worst. It is the Philadelphia Eagles AND Phillies fans who are hands down the worst. Yeah the whole throwing snowballs at Santa thing is old but when you cheer/boo when a member of the opposing team goes down with a serious injury is pathetic. The taunting/heckling of non-Eagles fans at and around the stadium is uncalled for. They also want to pick fights with fans of the opposing team when the Eagles lose. Local news stations and radio don't help either as they feel the need to continue to shove Eagles news/coverage down your throat. There could be a mass killing in the area and the local news would choose to show Eagles coverage first before news of the killings. I'm nowhere near being a Patriots fan but I sure do want them to beat the Eagles again. The city better grease the poles of bridges because Eagles fans will be trying to jump over them when their team loses. It'll be yet another dagger in them and would shut the fans and local news up for several months until training camp and exhibition games. That's when once again they will proclaim that their team is a Super Bowl contender and they will represent the NFC. Bunch of fools!!!

  • Grifter - 5 years ago

    Ah, the old, lame Philly/Santa/snowballs reference. Check out the SF/LA fan fights on YouTube (people actually get stabbed and killed). Or check out some videos of Oakland.

  • Kim - 5 years ago

    Philly is a given. You can't cross a Philly fan, they lose their mind.

  • The Simp - 5 years ago

    Oakland/San Fran are a tie. Do some research. Nobody gets knifed or killed in Philly. LA is almost as bad.

    Biggest crybabies is MN.

  • Tony - 5 years ago

    Can't take your kid to a eagles game wearing another team's jersey. They win and still riot and loot their own city. They hit Santa Claus with a snowball. Just a bunch of no class losers.

  • Anonymous11 - 5 years ago

    Eagles fans are the best. Get out of here

  • Labris411 - 5 years ago

    Eagles Fans Are the worst

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