Will Marriott's Group Commission Cuts Hurt Your Bottom Line? (Poll Closed)

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  • Chris Morse BTS - 4 years ago

    Working with Marriott for the past 29 years has been an experience. When I was a store front they were happy to have me. When I went home, all of a sudden they did not like me, not professional enough. When I worked with the brand, each hotel had its own group contract, never the same. And the staff that they hired were not very professional in many cases. Now they want to cheapen their brand by not working with travel agent. They have always been at the top trade shows telling everyone that they support travel agents. They did not recognize the TRUE # but they said OK to CLIA. Not sure who is running their travel agent operations but not a friend to any professional home based agent. OK I know that probably only 50% of so bookings come from travel agents. We did not band together with the airline caps came, we were weak and unorganized. But with top consortiums, we can all band together. If we all stopped booking Marriott for two weeks, they will come crawling back to us. They cannot handle the bookings that would come their way direct. They would fail. So I invite all agencies that reside with Travel Leaders, Travel Savers and the other top consortiums to band together and stop booking Marriott. If Marriott wants to play hard ball because they are now so big with over 30 brands, let’s see how they do without us!

  • Donna Gyland - 4 years ago

    As a home based agent, Marriott did not pay commission for years. (yet every Orlando Travel Leaders convention was at a Marriott, which btw I stayed a a hotel close by), I often complained, but to no avail. Now that it may extend to all agents, one slice at a time, suddenly everyone is up in arms. I have booked away from Marriott at every opportunity. It's a shame that they now acquired Hyatt. They are such a giant now, don't know if any appeals will be met with a positive response. Too bad all the larger agencies didn't seem fit to band with the thousands of home based agents that have been out in the cold with Marriott for years. Because this is a very dangerous premise.

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