Which of these activities have you performed on your phone? (Poll Closed)

  • Viewed your medical records extracted from a provider's system
    150 votes

  • Made a provider appointment
    155 votes

  • Sent a message to your provider
    156 votes

  • Collected information from fitness trackers
    188 votes

  • Manually entered your health information for self-tracking
    118 votes

  • Showed a provider your medical information from your phone
    73 votes

  • Viewed your OpenNotes progress notes
    11 votes

  • Participated in a video visit
    19 votes

  • I haven't done any of these things
    67 votes



  • Steve Sisko - 2 years ago

    BTW, how come no one ever wants to let others know who they are nowadays?

    If you feel so strongly about your ideas, stances and opinions, why not let us know who you are? For instance, who's HIT Project Manager? And who's Anonymous?

    Credibility is enhanced by Accountability. So sad that so few want to be accountable nowadays!

  • Steve Sisko - 2 years ago

    "and where those fail, through proper compliance to their provider's prescribed treatment/care plan."

    What does that mean?

    IMO I think these companies developing all these miracle digital health apps and devices simply fail to recognize that people have lives. They don't want to interrupt their life to 'enter' something, and/or to take an action.

    “It’s our responsibility as healthcare stakeholders to find a way that our healthcare messages and our healthcare initiatives can fit into the life flow of our members and our patients; and that of their families, their work, their community and what we need to weave into our initiatives the day to day things that we know, if consumers did them.” Ferris Taylor


  • HIT Project Manager - 2 years ago

    I am all for giving patient's control of most all the data metrics that are entered in their EHR, particularly those they are in the best position to control though proper diet and exercise, and where those fail, through proper compliance to their provider's prescribed treatment/care plan.

    I have been entering my blood pressure, pulse, weight, and medication taken in a simple app called "BPMonitorPro" for several years. I show the my data I am tracking to my PCP each time I visit him. Though he has access to similar data his staff take each time I visit in the Epic EHR (which interestingly I support in my IT role at my workplace) and have access myself to the same record via Epic My Chart, he and I have both found that I'm more committed to achieving goals I set for myself to reduce the metrics I'm entering manually for myself that most correlate with the problems I have based on my family history and actual conditions. In my case, my dad dying premature of heart disease has pointed at my carefully watching my blood pressure amongst other key health metrics.

    In sum, doesn't my own experience demonstrate it a reasonable expectation for the Health IT industry to make it easier for a PATIENT to collect their own information as to help them OWN the outcomes that data points them to? Just a thought... but perhaps we should stop making EHR vendors or the myriad of third parties who want to extract their data into their own app more responsible for tracking patients key care metrics and well being then the patient are themselves.

    I'm guessing that most younger patients already know how to collect pictures, videos, and texts they send in 'Snap Chat', 'Twitter', 'Instagram' and other social networking apps. Why not teach them to make those skills useful in collecting their BMI, Blood Pressure, and Exercise metrics as well as a means to avoid needing patient care prematurely as many of them are on the path to based on the sedentary lifestyles they lead?

  • Anonymous - 2 years ago

    I’ve sent my physician a message and made an appt using my phone but it was via standard email and not a portal app or website. If Apple can succeed in having an app that integrates all of one’s health info from multiple sites and puts it into one simple format, it will be a HUGE win for patients. An even bigger win would be a way to seamlessly integrate info back to clinicians in a useful/usable format. Current portals are clunky and it’s impossible to keep track of passwords and websites for multiple specialists that you rarely see. Phone based email apps integrate info from multiple email accounts into a consolidated view. It’s surprising that it’s taken so long to try to do the same thing for medical info.

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