Embroidered Cat Tunic Size I would order:


  • Noreen Pazderski - 6 years ago

    I love both colors but would definitely order the purple. I love the subtle cat motif as trim. However, although I voted for a 3X size, I fear it would still be too small for me. I know it is hard to spread inventory over so many sizes but unfortunately us larger feline fans rarely get to enjoy these kinds of shirts. Perhaps occasionally offering larger plus sizes especially in tunic type shirts like this that are figure flattering? I would happily pay extra if I could find this in my size. And I don't think I am necessarily in the minority with this. :)

  • Sherri H - 6 years ago

    I encourage you to make the 1x, 2x and 3x sizes "X" enough. As a (very) ample woman, I have often found that the 3X size might fight in the bust, or around the stomach and hips, but it is snug in the upper arms. Let's face it -- a 3X woman has 3X arms! More than once this has stopped me from purchasing a particular brand. Also, it needs to be long enough to cover the derriere and tummy, should perhaps be longer than regular sizes.

    I love the purple color, but it's pretty bright -- so while I would love it, I know I would be more inclined to wear the black for all the reasons others have cited: shows less pet hair, goes with everything. A pastel in lavender, pink or blue might be a good idea for spring/summer.

    As usual, another great idea from Triple T Studios!! xoxo

  • Linda - 6 years ago

    I too would choose the black, and I like the idea of a soft pastel.

  • Lisa Greene - 6 years ago

    Of the two colors offered, I would probably choose black. While the purple is very nice, to be honest I would prefer a pale pastel -- light blue or pink or a soft grey, I find the softer shades are easier to mix and match with other pants etc and the more intense colors are not always as flattering to multiple skin tones.

  • Suzanne Snyder - 6 years ago

    I would order the black because while the purple is nice, it’s not a color I wear a lot. Perhaps a charcoal grey would be a nice color, cat hair may not be as obvious!

  • Shauna Hustin - 6 years ago

    While I really like the black, with long haired cats and dogs - mostly white or light in color, it would really be bad for pet hair! The purple is very pretty, and I like it, just don't know what I would wear it with! Will there be other color options? (not greens, yellows, oranges)

  • Teresa - 6 years ago

    I picked the XS but even that seems large because I am only a 34 in the bust size and know there are many other petite girls out there just like me.

  • mary simpson - 6 years ago

    I originally said M but mine would have to be large - Good Luck

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