Will We Get Measurable Snow in Portland Again This Winter?


  • Carolyn McQueen - 5 years ago

    NO SNOW OR ICE!!! I HATE winter with a passion!!! if i didnt have to be somewhere very important to pick up life saving medicine for myself every single Wednesday on the dot, with no car, and a toddler, I wouldnt hate it as much!! Plus cold, snow, cloudy weather depresses me....I love the sun!!

  • zif - 5 years ago

    Snow can burn in hell.
    What is with you numbnuts
    Begging for snowfall?
    There is plenty of snow available elsewhere in the world. Go move there if you are so in love with snow and ice.

  • Bass is not music - 5 years ago

    Best winter ever! Love that we hardly had any snow, and the mamas basement dwelling “think snow and cold” doofus has his panties in a bunch about it. Get a life Rob!

  • Danny - 5 years ago

    Let it snow... I just got a BMW x drive I want to see how it does.

  • Jonathan Kurtz - 5 years ago

    No snow for the lowlands but I bet March will bring plenty of rain and mountain snow. At least we still have a shot at that happening!

  • Trish Montesano - 5 years ago

    If we say “it’s OVER “ than we are most likely jinxing ourselves; however, I believe we will at least have one more cold snap before spring. Will it being measurable snow ❄️? Probably not; but I think it will be enough to give the school districts a reason to have a day off and make us stay at home Mom’s crazy.

  • Kim Repman - 5 years ago

    I wish we could have a cold snap with snow, but I think winter is over.

  • Bree - 5 years ago

    Where is the option of
    NO! but I really wish it would!

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