Would you watch a TV show based off Black Twitter CSI?

  • ROCC STAR - 4 years ago

    Great episode as usual.I would fucc wit Black Twitter CSI. The theme song could be Rick James - Mary Jane, and instead of the hook being Maary Jaane, it could be Blaack Twitter, in the same tone. I need a 2 part episode where the team couldn’t find the racist in the first hour, so we catch the racist next week. The lieutenant from The Wire could be the teams commander. I need the one member on the team, that just can’t get right. You can have an episode where the racist gets away or the team knows they have the right racist but can’t quite prove it. I need that episode we’re one of the agents finds out that his/her lover is behind this weeks racism. How does this agent respond, do they give their partner up or do they try to aid and abet their partner. How about a season finale cliffhanger, where an agent is being black mailed by a racist. CSI is usually contained to a large city. Do we make regional offices and span through the different regions every couple of episodes. I can go on and on, I got episode ideas on deck. Which congressman do we need to write to get this show green lit?

  • brooklynshoebabe - 4 years ago

    Dr_Doughstax, what about the spin-off Black Twitter CIA a.k.a. Bossip?

  • brooklynshoebabe - 4 years ago

    Hell yes! I want the old grizzled Black twitter user and the young upstart Black twitter user bumping heads on how to take people down.

  • Dr_Doughstax - 4 years ago

    I'd love to watch a show about Black Twitter CSI and it's eventual spin-off about Black Twitter CIA aka Lipstick Alley.

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