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Who do you think is the true love of Sam's life? (Poll Closed)

Total Votes: 28,243

  • Candy cane - 6 years ago

    Love dream

  • Cherylynn K - 6 years ago

    I love Sam and Jason. I have since 2013. I will forever. Dislike Drew and Sam. BORING. Sam is unhappy.

  • Tracie McK - 6 years ago

    Where to start. I never liked Drew. I may never. I cannot stand him with Sam. I cannot stand him with Liz. Let Sam be with her love Jason and I love Liz with Franco.

  • Chelsea Paige W - 6 years ago

    Any man that allows his wife to be in the presence of the person who assaulted her should be ashamed of himself. he shook the hand of the man that assaulted Sam. Who made Sam believe he raped her. He TORTURED her. Sam deserves better than pouty puffing Drew. She and Jason are ENDGAME.

  • Neila D - 6 years ago

    JaSam forever baby. Sam and Drew have nothing on them. N O T H I N G !! The love will never compare. NEVER!!!!

  • Christy b ferguson - 6 years ago

    JaSam!!! The hottest couple to ever grace GH!!! Love those two!! Billy tried but failed at his attempt to pull off Jason Morgan. Thank God Steve is back home where he belongs! Reunite JaSam and all will be right in the land of Port Charles.

  • Patara Paterson - 6 years ago

    I was a fan of Billy on Y&R but in GH not as much . Drew and Sam are a Blahful duo.. Sam is not intesting anymore . Sam and Jason still love one another . They are the love of each other's life . Andrew doesn't compare . Sam and Patrick were better than Drew and Sam. So I hope the writers are smart enough to know Sam belongs with Jason .

  • Celeste Zinjak - 6 years ago

    Never enjoyed Billy as Jason . And the actor looks like he just slacks his way through his scenes . Maybe he's unhappy ? And he and Kelly have basic chemistry. Not even close to that of she and Steve . I hear the Killy even is a goodbye and thanks to their fans . What little they have .

  • Tamika Cameron - 6 years ago

    I think he breaths like that because he gained too much weight too fast , Shayla. He too pudgy

  • Shayla Pierce - 6 years ago

    Love JaSam . Cannot stand Sam and Drew . She changed for the worse and do not recognize her anymore . She lights up around Jason . And Andrew with all that huffing and puffing grunting and teeth clenching is LOL. Annoying as hell.

  • Raiann MaryMac - 6 years ago

    I used to love jasam. But fell in love with Killy as jasam. An although i love steve, he's not as hot as Billy is. Put jason with Ava an Let sam keep drew

  • Allison J - 6 years ago

    Hope Jason and Sam spend Balentines together . That Killy event is a good bye curtain closing event for Sam and Drew and I couldn't be more pleased . Billy never did play Jason and thank Hod for that . Sam is still in love with Jason which is why she's afraid to be near him. She will break and absolutely give in to being with him . Drew who?

  • JamieMcDonnell - 6 years ago

    Go JaSam . A love like this doesn't burn out. Sam may love Drew but nothing in comparison to that of Jason . They only reason she fell for Drew was all Jason based . Drew is a sour puss lump. What's with his chest pumping attitude towards Jason ?

  • Marlina Deveaux - 6 years ago

    Jason and Sam.
    Drew and Sam are horrible.

  • Charity leBlanc - 6 years ago

    Love Jasam. Sad Dream are boring. They have just minimal chemistry. Billy looks bored. Kelly looks bored. And when Jasam are in scenes together we actually see emotion. Get with it writers. We all know where Sam's heart is.

  • LH - 6 years ago

    Love Sam with Drew. Their jasam was the mature couple, I've wanted for sam Jason & jasam
    Drew not being real Jason, only showed sam what she was missing in her relationship with Jason. Sam isn't the same person she was in 2012, she outgrew Jason. Can't wait to see what's next for my #DreamGH #SamanDrew as individuals and as a couple.
    Maybe Jason will finally get it, & find love again. Loved him with Ava.., always thought steve had chemistry w/ tamera hope they try Jason & kim Or maybe liason get their chance now.

  • Jamie bates - 6 years ago

    Have loved JaSam since Inwas 12 years old. No couple will ever touch the remarkable chemistry like that of Steve and Kelly. Never accepted Billy as Jason and really dislike Drew. Sam looks miserable And Andrew has this constant smug smirk that deserves a throat punch . Viva La JaSam

  • Beatrice Lefortte - 6 years ago

    This is fantastic. i just read that WWE diva Aj Lee has her pals voting in this .HA. I loath Sam and Drew

  • Mona - 6 years ago

    Sam and Drew are TERRIBLE together. BAF! Sam used to be a ball of fire and now the writers have reduced her to someone we no longer recognize. There is no way in hell she wouldn’t be with the real Jason, now that he’s home! Jasons return to her and Danny should have been epic! But instead we got this mess of a story. Time to clean house with these writers. Where’s Guza, we need him back!

  • Kat lee - 6 years ago


  • mary - 6 years ago

    jason and sam are my favorite couple on there and since they have changed how sam acts they are screwing her character up loved the bad ass pi sam her and jason always had each other backs and knew what each other was thinking and didnt try to change each other and loved each for they are and kelly hasnt had that spark in her eyes or the passion in playing sam since they had her run the media company and hasnt had any fun in playing sam like she does when she does the scene with steve as jason her and steve still the chemistry they still make my heart beat and still smile whenever they are on screen together they just fit and belong together kelly hasnt been into playing sam that much to me since they have had her with billy so please please put sam and jason back together and keep them together this ime

  • CoraLee - 6 years ago

    I hate Sam and Drew. MAINLY because of their psychotic foaming at the mouth fans ( NOT ALL) . I hope Kelly is aware that these fans are nasty , foul mouthed beasts. That said I hope Jason gets a new love even as much as I love JaSam. But Sad Dream are hideous

  • Kalyson - 6 years ago

    I'e never been a bi Sam fan but she and Drew are BAF.

  • Josie Gillen - 6 years ago

    Tired of Drew and Sam such a boring couple . find more and more viewers are posting not watching GH when there scenes are on . I'm starting to. See there point miss are Jasam the adventure you can see Sam still has her investigated skills but so won't use them Drew won't have it

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