Who has the best ups? Vote for Lee County's Master of the Dunk (Poll Closed)

  • Canterbury's Berrick Jeanlouis
    1,046 votes

  • Lehigh's Quan Martin
    507 votes

  • Mariner's Jahmel Myers
    391 votes

  • Other: Add name in comment
    12 votes


Posted 10 months.


  • Your mom - 9 months ago

    LETS GOOOOOO BERRY. You da best bro and I know you

  • Andy Matthews - 9 months ago

    According to my calculations, people consider chess more superior, and surpassing than any other sport, INCLUDING basketball. I particularly agree with my scientific findings, and I believe that we should nominate more pupils that play chess, than someone playing a fake sport.

  • James Harris - 9 months ago

    Mr. James Harris, the leader of the Mariner High School basketball team (2016 btw) and the face of Mariner as a whole. Also very good at second basing with children >:)

  • dad - 9 months ago


  • You Know Who - 9 months ago

    Meat Beater have you been voting for the past hour in you know whos class

  • meat beater - 9 months ago

    jahmels hops make me nut

  • Rocco Cavallo - 9 months ago

    Love Quan but I'm going to give it to Mo Goin!

  • Jahmal's number one FAN - 9 months ago


  • The beater - 9 months ago

    Jahmels dunk gave me a happy sensation with tears of joy

  • mariner high school - 9 months ago

    Jahmels windmill dunk though

  • Lee County resident - 9 months ago

    Lely is a long way from Lee County.

  • Brian Lusco - 9 months ago

    McCline St. Tulus - Lely 5'8"

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