Do you think a violent revolution is possible in the US


  • EvieE - 6 years ago

    I think I violent revolt is possible but not from the side that people think. I think the fire has been stoked so high on the far right, it wouldn't take much for those lunatics to start going on a shooting rampage. They do have the guns. Maybe that's just the pessimist of me talking but the left is always talking about trying to find the middle ground and trying to reason with these people. There is no reasoning with those nuts.

  • Kiara CT - 6 years ago

    Our generation is less tolerant of racism, prejudice and nonsense. The reason why social media is more prevalent is because of the intolerance for bullshit. If non-violent means fail to work, then I believe violent measures can and will be used if they are proven to foster desired results.

  • Not the feds, honest. - 6 years ago

    There have been attempts in the distant past, they just didn't work because beating a well armed military is almost impossible. Hell, America almost lost its revolution against the British. We just lasted long enough to get help! But more importantly, a successful violent revolution can make things worst. Afghanistan went to hell after they overthrew their government decades ago. They became engulfed in a civil war that created the Taliban and Al-Qaeda.

    I think we should look at other options first...

  • Charles - 6 years ago

    Drones, tanks, helicopters, fighter jets, bomber jets, submarines, aircraft carriers, heavy artillery...

  • BrooklynShoeBabe - 6 years ago

    I don't think there will be a violent uprising. All of the oppressed can't even agree on the same issues . Plus, "the man" has made it harder for the oppressed to even buy the weapons for an uprising. There is a far, far, far off chance that there will be some kind of violent uprising in 50 or so years if we become some kind of dictatorship.

  • G Will - 6 years ago

    The thing people have to lose when they have nothing is life and the police, media and the government will not only award the person that kills you. They will also explain in great detail why you deserved to die. Armed uprising isn't going to happen even on a small scale. We are afraid to have black lives matter bumper stickers. Because that is almost a suicidal action to put a sticker on your car in the real America we live in. BLM didn't have a central leader for protection. The black Panthers ,Malcom, Mlk have taught us that they will kill the leader to break apart uprisings.

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