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  • SHRIJI - 2 years ago

    Sir, please stop trying to manipulate your argument in an extremely biased way. The reason you criticize Swaminarayan is to support Krishna. If you are a true devotee, take time to introspect and think, would Krishna Bhagwan support the thrashing of another religion? If you choose to not respect it fine, but what you are doing is slander, and is a legal offense. So please stop this and keep your unkind thoughts to yourself from now on. Also, do more research on where all the money you donate goes. The mandirs hold many festivals and they also run a number of shibirs and camps for children. Not to mention all the humanitarian conservation that they also take part in. As for the luxury, you must remember that it is only Mahant swami who travels. He is 85 years old and travels at an insane rate. Thus, due to age he needs a bed to sleep on on certain things to help him stay healthy. Imagine your father traveling the world nonstop for many years, Would you crticize your father then he if needed to sleep in a bed. Not all the sadhus sleep on beds, they fufil their niyam dharm to the very end. Santo have stayed at my house and where do they sleep, on the floor, Mahant swami when he eats he takes his food and mixes it with water. No salt spice or sweet. How can you say he lives a luxurious life then? It is you who are speaking about propoganda. I can not tell you what to do, but if you have a sense of compassin and morrality as Krishna Bhagwan states you should, you will realize that what you are doing is the biggest of sins, speaking ill of the name of god. Thank you and Jay Swaminaryan!

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