Governor Scott and President Pro Tem Tim Ashe disagree on the current state of Vermont's Labor Force. What is your opinion? (Poll Closed)

  • It is a huge problem that the Legislature just doesn't want to deal with.
    140 votes

  • It's a huge problem still, even if the situation has stabilized.
    43 votes

  • Recent policy changes have made it better, best not to back off now.
    10 votes

  • Regardless of whether or not the Labor Force has stabilized, the underlying demographics will continue to be a problem.
    131 votes

  • The Labor Force problem was a reaction to the Great Recession. It's better to set policy based on the new normal.
    10 votes

  • The Labor Force will find its own level depending on the economy, which is what the governor and legislators should be working on improving.
    46 votes

  • Other
    31 votes

Posted 10 months.

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