Should DJI make Waypoints available on the Mavic Air?

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  • Dick Koch - 6 months ago

    Was going to purchase MA2 today, but on learning that the repeatable waypoints is not offered or will be, I will not buy the Drone. Sad since I liked everything else about the drone.

  • Tony Dennis - 1 year ago

    Bought the Fly more package specifically to make use of waypoints when the Mavic Air was released and it was included.
    The firmware upgrade removed it without my knowledge or permission.
    That’s like buying a new car and you decide to take back the steering wheel when it’s in for a service.
    Can understand removing on later models but removing from an already purchased product is questionably illegal.
    Almost tantamount to theft.

  • Anthony bonnett - 2 years ago

    Yes please bring back the waypoints for the mavic air

  • Troy Helmly - 2 years ago

    Please put waypoints back on the mavic air! I'm just now getting into making awesome videos with my mavic air and was very disappointed to find that I cant use waypoints. Please DJI make your customers happy!

  • JC - 3 years ago

    How have they not brought this back yet after such a response from users?

  • Mitch Anderman - 3 years ago

    Please add the Way Point feature back. i was looking forward to using it and then found out it had been removed. Very Sad, It is very much needed. Please add it back Please!!!!!!!!!!

  • Blake Wills - 3 years ago

    I have to use a different drone if I want to film alone. Now litchi about to get my money for BETA software. Sad

  • Randall inhoff - 3 years ago

    Absolutely! Restore the waypoints feature... although it may not be used as much, as some of the other intelligent flight features it is an invaluable tool for someone attempting to create videos.

  • John - 3 years ago

    DJI should definitely restore Waypoints. Makes it much better for any real video work if you don't have a spotter. No way to focus on the shot when you have to watch the drone. PLEASE restore!

  • Alex Tai - 3 years ago

    So sad to have the waypoint removed from DJI Mavic Air. Considering to sell off the Mavic Air already... but no one want to buy as people still prefer Mavic Pro instead... SAD!!!

  • Michael Link - 3 years ago

    It is a big disappointment to have ordered the Air to find DJI removed this feature. Totally unacceptable and poor business practices. I would not have made the purchase if the waypoint feature was not listed in the specs. Bring it back or I will be requesting a RMA!

  • Michinori Mano - 3 years ago

    I need it because I want to film myself during kayaking.

  • Ian Pray - 3 years ago

    I thoroughly enjoy my mavic air and all of its current features. I am realitively new to piloting drones however I enjoy learning on my mavic every day I get and it seems to me that waypoints are just another added option for safety and allowing the pilot to focus on the cinematic/footage a little more with less worry.

  • Ray D - 3 years ago

    please add waypoints. Please please please.

  • Robert Kathmann - 3 years ago

    With waypounts it is easy to do smooth videos. Please bring back...

  • Tony - 3 years ago

    DJI - bring back waypoints! I purchased a month ago with the idea that I would get way points. Such a great way to get cinematic shots when solo. Or be precise with video footage. For those of us that used or planned on using this feature it’s a huge loss and makes it hard to sell your product. Also I’m now wondering what other features will you takeaway moving forward. Just because less people use it doesn’t mean no one is using it. Maybe you could give us all an opt in option on this feature. I love your product and look forward to being able to shoot video with waypoints in the future!

  • Greg Toope - 3 years ago

    I use the waypoint feature all the time with. Phantom 3 Standard. I really do miss this feature on my Mavic Air. There are so many instances that waypoints can be used, especially when filming alone.

  • Nick - 3 years ago

    Please bring waypoints back

  • Cian ryan - 3 years ago

    I was under the impression when I bought the air that the waypoint system was included . I would not have picked it otherwise . Very disappointed. I will be selling it if this is not resolved.

  • bob - 3 years ago


  • Darren Frazer - 3 years ago

    I love my Mavic Air but please please bring back waypoints as this feature would help me just focusing on filming.

  • Michael D D'Amour - 3 years ago

    Was on the specs when I bought as well.. would love to have this feature!

  • Neil - 3 years ago

    I have a crappy Parrot drone and looking at the Air as my replacement with the form factor and most of the features I need. But one of those is waypoints, so I'm NOT going to buy it until waypoint mode is reinstated.

  • Chris Jokinen - 3 years ago

    I have had my Air a week now and love it however; I cannot get the shots I need without waypoints so it's going back.

  • Ermin - 3 years ago

    DJI should definitely enable this feature. It would be insane not to. I will return the drone if they don't enable it.

  • Jack Smith - 3 years ago

    Waypoints were on the spec list before I brought it, so it should be in the final product.

  • Rob - 3 years ago

    Waypoints were on the comparison chart when I bought. I'd call that false advertising.

  • Sam - 3 years ago

    Waypoints was on the comparison chart when I bought the drone and I realized that it was removed after receiving the drone. This option should be back.

  • Jean-Marie - 3 years ago

    Bought the drone for waypoints. Bring it back please

  • patrick proier - 3 years ago

    Without that anounced feature i struggle to send my already loved mavic air back. It makes it from a good camera drone to a selfie toy.
    So please bring it back!

  • Conrad van Jaarsveld - 3 years ago

    My first drone and please DJI can I have this experience with way points.

  • Monti - 3 years ago

    If I could vote a thousand times, my vote will be YES!!!!

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