How Would You Prefer G5 be Handled?

Posted 12 months.


  • don - 11 months ago

    G-5? If you age the mane 6 up and add the Kilalaverse of Spikes foals of Cristal Clairity or the Crazy Future with Spike , Nightmare Rarity & their daughter Sparity....

  • Janine Erikson - 11 months ago

    Use some of the same characters(not just re-use the M6), put them in a similar world, have most of them have new personalities, none of them carrying any memories or anything over.
    Same way they've already been doing it, I believe.

  • Phoenixstorm - 11 months ago

    What the heck are you all talking about, did your poll say somthing different ? Mine says "How Would You Prefer the next Season be Handled?"

  • Aurora Lulamoon - 11 months ago

    There is only one Pinkie Pie, and she in unforgettable. Like the rest of her friends. Use new characters.

  • KM - 11 months ago

    I hope G5 will be better than G4 and actually be fair. Heck, the unfair show and jerks of a fandom actually made my penpal end her life and she was the ONLY MLP fan who made me feel welcome.

  • ShenkyeiRambo - 11 months ago

    can "with no analysis from the fanbase" be an option?

  • Jimmy Hook - 11 months ago


    NO! NO! G5 IS NOT REAL! YOU HEAR ME!!! G5 IS NOT REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    -laughs insanely-

  • kuco - 11 months ago

    @Jimmy Hook it's confirmed, after end of G4 there will be G5 (in 2020)

  • Jimmy Hook - 11 months ago


    NO! >:(

    For the Love of Sunset Shimmer people, G5 is not even Real!!! It's just Rumors that haven't been confirmed yet!!! when can y'all get that through your heads?!! >:(

  • Jimmy Hook - 11 months ago


    NO! >:(

    For the Love of Sunset Shimmer people, G5 is not even Real!!! It's just Rumors that haven't been confirmed yet!!! when can y'all get that through your heads?!! >:(

  • ElektroMod - 11 months ago

    New mares, definetively! G4's mane6 will be deep in the heart of the audience, but it's time to let them go, we had enough about them. I was between new world and current world. But I guess current world is fine, old mane6 could be secondary characters and appear in special episodes, or we can have some refferences to them. Would be nice if the new group were in another time of history, I'd say future, but the past of Equestria is also interesting. And, as an animation lover, I'm really curious with the new animation style they're going to use, of course, if they're going to change it :)

  • Jimmy Hook - 11 months ago


  • Mares Fillies - 11 months ago

    I don't want to see the girls go away. ;-; I want the mane 9. I love all of them

  • lyricjam - 11 months ago

    A new team of ponies, current world, but also with subtle references of the mane 6 from G4, for example noticing a bottle of cider with a label of "AJ farms", a poster in a random wall about the wonderbolts with RD in it, a boutique store from Rarity's chain in the BG, etc.

  • James - 11 months ago

    I would love to keep the mane 6, so many great stories still left to tell and they have a special place in the hearts of many including me that would lose some interest without that special connection with these characters. A chance of pace and scenery would be fine, but keep our beloved characters and take them to a new place with new faces and start the adventures.

  • ScourgeHH - 11 months ago

    What I think would be really cool, is if they did a remix/reboot. At the end of the show, they run into a villain that does something that messes up the timeline. We then go all the way back to episode one and start again. However, this time, the villain causes things along the way, which completely changes how the story goes. (Twilight never goes to ponyville, Celestia deals with Nightmare moon, .etc.) I think it would be cool to see the MLP story again, but also see how a few little changes could completely change the outcome.

  • Gallen_Dugall - 11 months ago

    I've taken marketing courses so I know how this stuff works. Clearly the problem with the current ponies is that they're cute colorful horses, and this is keeping people who don't like those things away, so for the next iteration they need to be nasty greyscale slugs of some sort. Marketing 101.

  • Mao - 11 months ago

    New world, either new ponies or alternate mane six. I don't thing G4 fans in general should get too much fan service, that's unfair to fans who also or only like previous generations.

  • Alex I. - 11 months ago

    The day I don’t see “Developed for Television by Lauren Faust” on the credits will be the day that I’m done.
    I didn’t stay for the characters or the story. I stayed because of her brilliant foundation she set for the characters and world. We’ve seen with Equestria Girls and Starlight what happens when there’s no foundation for a character or idea and Hasbro has shown that, unless there’s someone with genuine passion behind the development, it doesn’t care about quality nearly as much as it should.

  • Frith - 11 months ago

    Since the Mane Six pushing Friendship Magic research to a new level does not seem to be an option here, I voted with the majority: a spin off of the G4 canon. Like Deep Space Nine, The Jeffersons, Mork and Mindy, Laverne and Shirley... Hopefully not a repackaging of G4 along the lines of a Disney Direct-to-video movie or Muppet Babies, or even a rehash with benefits like Batman Beyond or Star Trek Next Generation.

    I'd still prefer to see the Mane Six push augmented friendship to a new level.

  • mop - 11 months ago

    people seem to forget that this is a brand new generation we're talking about - aside from g1.5 and g3.5, none of the generations have been that similar.
    with that said, keep at least the idea of the characters (like they did in every gosh darn generation), but make them new, and give them a new setting

  • Swashbucklist - 11 months ago

    Leave Season 1 untouched, and reboot the series beginning with a new Season 2 with Lauren Faust given complete creative control.

  • Sam - 11 months ago

    I am in love with Rainbow Dash. I can't even imagine a world without her. Let's just make her brash and athletic personality reincarnated in something completely different (yet equally attractive and awesome)

    Trixie and GlimGlam need to stay, since the fanboys are here for good now. I would like that a lot

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