Do you agree with the Housing Trust's new no-smoking policy?

Posted 9 months.

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  • Margaret Hogge - 8 months ago

    Our organisation has been fighting for everybody's right to breathe clean air, free from the toxins in tobacco smoke, for 40 years. Clean water, clean air - everybody's rights. The toxins in tobacco smoke seep within buildings and drift inside through balconies and windows, affecting everybody inside.The toxins can trigger potentially life-threatening asthma and other lung and heart conditions, including SUIDS (sudden Unexplained Infant Death Syndrome) and COPD (Cardio Obstructive Pulmonary Disease)/ emphysema as well as cancer. Smokers (nicotine-dependents) now have easy, affordable access to alternative nicotine products (patches, gums, nasal sprays) which don't affect others. Social Housing tenants don't have alternatives - they can block out loud noises with earplugs, block out bright lights with eye-shades or curtains, but they can't stop using their mouths and noses- they must breathe, AND THEY HAVE NOWHERE ELSE TO GO. We are willing to contribute some funds to help smokers to escape their addiction.

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