Should point-to-point speed cameras be used for cars, as well as trucks? (Poll Closed)

  • Yes
    295 votes

  • No
    229 votes


Posted 10 months.


  • James Manoley - 8 months ago

    They need to increase limits in the right areas, make public all road statistics. I found the death toll signs in Queensland were a chilling reminder, possibly a good idea for some roads in nsw.

    We don't need cameras like Victoria, no point to point cameras for cars that's police state material, is disgusting anyone thinks it's an option. How about driver training and retesting. Test a 30 year old and see if they can even complete the red Ps practical driving test (to the same standard). Seriously it'd only cost another $100ish every 10 years ($10/yr) but you'd keep people current if their licence was on the line, of course I'm talking about giving people a good amount of time to pass it if they fail.

    Lowering speed zones in Newcastle, changing camera speeds with limited warning, starting roadwork zones weeks before construction is due to even start, just revenue raising. It's a gross abuse of power and wouldn't be tolerated in Sydney and isn't..

    In newy we need cars, public transport here has always been shocking, and if you haven't heard it's gotten much much worse with privatisation. Workers here (poor, rich, mid range) often all have cars as there isn't another option, because we don't own any of the old rail corridor routes anymore (from burwood colliery trains) public transport in Newcastle will always be too expensive to fix. So help the drivers.

    No one wants Victoria's speed camera rules, Queensland's lacked licence policy, WA's laws allowing antiscanner devices or NSW P plate speed restrictions.

  • Phil Jacobson - 10 months ago

    Speed cameras do not save lives. An infringement in the mail after the speeding has been recorded hasn't slowed the driver at all. The only real effective method is police presence. Highly visible patrol cars cruising black spots would be more effective. Increasing the speed limit on suitable roads to 120 - 130k and any driver caught doing more than this is fined $1000.00 and loss of half their points no questions asked. Second offence $2000.00 and loss of licence for 12 months. The only way to stop people speeding is to hit them in the pocket and take away their licences.

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