Are you considering other EVs after Tesla changed the timeline for the standard battery pack?

  • John Dinsdale - 3 years ago

    I was a day one sign up for the Model 3, after nearly two years of promises, I have given up getting a $35k car in the UK. I will keep the reservation for my kids.
    For me the replacement will be the Jaguar i-pace.

  • Ryan Peters - 3 years ago

    The longer I have to wait for a Model 3 just means the more money I'll have to put down on one.

  • Dean - 3 years ago

    I think anyone that buys a tesla and wants that car to control the drive on the road is either playing with their life or don't care about anybody else on the road. Since hitting a fire truck and catching on fire I am glad I didn't buy one dead set on my decision.

  • Dappa Yute - 3 years ago

    I'm holding firm for the base $35k version. As much as I would like to have access to the full tax credit, I'm also banking on either getting half or losing it. The long range version with premium upgrades is not worth the extra $7.5k tax credit on the back end. I have a 2016 year Pilot and 02 Camry (to be replaced by model 3). I do understand Elon has to make high margins first and so is life. Bottom line, most won't need the long range especially if you have another ICE. I must admit that there is still hype around the model 3 (rightfully so), but it will eventually wear off and they will all look the same (well almost) except on is $19-7.5k more than the other or add an extra $3870 happier. Since I was a day one reservation holder, I'll take half or even quarter of the full tax credit.

  • CJ Pinajian - 3 years ago

    We are dead set on buying a Tesla. We had decided to buy the Model 3. The delays in the Model 3 production and the fact that the true price is sizable higher than 35k have made us re-think our decision. We came to the conclusion we will buy a two year old used Model S. The ā€œSā€ is bigger car at the same price as a new fully loaded Model 3. It comes with free super charging. Most of the Model S used vehicles have relatively low miles and most are fully loaded. So,, here is my thinking, wait a long time and pay a premium for a new Model 3 which is smaller and slower than a Model S or buy a pre-owned Model S for the same price as a new Model 3 and have a faster, larger and highly upgraded car that is already a prover Tesla product.

  • rookie - 3 years ago

    1.Tesla supercharger network.
    2.No profit service centres
    3. OTA Updates
    4. Tesla's Mission

    P.S. Nissan Leaf battery is air cooled. A big no no.
    VW eGOlf is great but only available in CARB states
    Leaves Ioniq but no match for M3

    Dont even consider GM's products since they blocked tesla in Michigan.

  • David - 3 years ago

    I was skeptical of the Model 3, but after serious research - it's the best option for those who genuinely enjoy not just technology, but aesthetics's and the driving experience. I own a BMW I3 which is honestly incredible - I traded in a Range Rover Sport for it, and have no regrets, but the longer range will certainly be worth coughing up a little more than going for a leaf/bolt/volt - as those will not excite me. A more affordable Tesla would be nicer, but switching to long-range might be worth the dough.

  • Ted - 3 years ago

    My plan is to buy the long range battery. Since this will be our primary transportation this is the best option for our family. I am also budgeting that I receive the full tax credit.

  • William - 3 years ago

    I am in considerable doubt as to whether I will exercise my option. First if all, I would prefer to lease, rather than buy, my first electric vehicle. Secondly, the Tesla dealer is nearly an hour away from me, which could make bringing car in for maintenance a pain. And thirdly, I really want a small SUV, not a sedan. Strike 1-2-3! They're out!

  • Only Tesla - 3 years ago

    No supercharger network. Only Tesla works for me.

  • Ben - 3 years ago

    Even if the base Model 3 was available in time, after exchange rate I'm looking at $50k CDN. Unfortunately out of my range so had to cancel my reservation and picked up a cheaper EV. Model 3 is still in my future!

  • More Amps - 3 years ago

    1. The Nissan Leaf has air cooling for the battery which causes high battery degradation in hot climates. 2. No supercharger network.
    1+2 = No thanks.

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