Daily Poll: Would allegations of sexual misconduct stop you from listening to your favourite band?

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  • Linze D - 2 years ago

    Neve rmind. The intro in the VanSun page asked two questions so really makes one question the validity of the results.

  • Linze D - 2 years ago

    Which question are we answering in this poll? They are diametrically opposed and answering yes to one means you are probably answering no to the other.

  • Sandra - 2 years ago

    Allegations via social media need to stop! Just another form of bullying. If you have a legitimate complaint get to a police station and tell your story. Shame on the Juno’s and the radio stations for piling on. You are now encouraging more anonymous allegations and potentially false complaints. Careers are under stress. This could be your son, friend, brother. This is not a road we need to go down. If you have a truthful incident then go to the police. And ladies, if you want this to end then stop the groupie culture! It is that easy!

  • Jaden arrow - 2 years ago

    So true. This is what drives me crazy when allegations could be totally made up or exaggerated and yet companies don’t stand behind their people and just give them the shaft.
    And there are women out there making made up allegations just too ruin guys. And that’s what it does is ruins them

  • Wally - 2 years ago

    Does an allegation automatically mean guilty???

  • agent twinky - 2 years ago

    if the music is good i would still listen to it regardless of there sexual preference.

  • Rick Maloch - 2 years ago

    What happened to innocent until proven guilty?

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