Would you like to learn more about electric vehicles in our future ARLnow articles? (e.g. home charging, commercial charging, the solar power EV nexus, home bat

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  • Barbara Nash - 5 years ago

    We'd love to know more about home EV charging. We just purchased a new plug-in hybrid. The dealer was great at explaining all the various electronic "gadgets," but gave us no info about how to charge the vehicle. The state of Virginia has some info. online. If you keep trying you can get some info from Dominion Power, but it seems not everyone at Dominion is talking from the same page. We've had the vehicle for three weeks and we've not used a drop of gasoline yet (although some day we'll have to take a longer than 40 mile trip!). Many thanks for promoting better use of energy and better protection of the environment.
    Barb and Lee Nash

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