Do you ever feel cynical about Mexico's justice system?

Posted 10 months.


  • Mike Snyder - 9 months ago

    The justice system in the United States is badly broken, minorities and the poor suffer unduly and the wealthy are well protected. In Mexico, the "amparo" is a get-out-of-jail-free card that foils any pretense of justice. The majority of people is the country couldn't afford the legal fees involved. And in the United States? No amparo, but plenty of expensive well-connected lawyers beyond the reach of minimum wage earners. How good are public defenders? Just ask some of America's 2,000,000 prisoners...

  • Cheryl - 9 months ago

    He probably sold your phone to feed his family for 6 months. Leave your $800 phone at home. All these situations in the comments could happen in 'America also.

  • Ann Graham - 9 months ago

    Our cell phone ($800. US) was stolen from our home by a short term Mexican. Before he left and we missed the phone we asked him about the 4-6 scars on his neck, each about 6" long and 1/2" apart. He said he had an accident. We figured it was drug related and they tried hard to scare him. When he left he ran very fasrpt, and it was many hours later we missed the phone.
    We filed a Police report and 2 officials came to our home a week or 2 later.
    We feel that he already had a record and should not have been difficult to identify because of the distinctive markings. That was about 4 years ago and we have heard nothing since.

  • Del Mar - 9 months ago

    If you can't afford to lose it, don't bring it. Consider that you will be robbed, cheated, made to pay bribes,even kidnapped and possibly killed. It's just a matter of when.

  • Dot MacRae - 9 months ago

    Following a breakin no charges laid against thief who was caught. No "official" translator available before victims needed to leave for home (on 2 days witnesses appeared at police headquarters as requested). Two persons (victims) were bilingual and one, a native of Columbia, not considered acceptable as translator of the necessary paperwork. Therefore, thief was released.
    This is just one example we have encountered.

  • Lee Plunkett - 9 months ago

    Don’t trust system.

  • bobby ray - 9 months ago

    Para encontrar justicia, sigue el dinero. Estudia la adudicacion de cualquier caso de desee.

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