What discipline does Wood deserve?

  • Alec Gardner - 3 years ago

    And the true nature of the NJ Dirtbags cannot be hidden forever - if they start to lose then they send a piece of morally indefensible trash like this thug out to try and end a career of a shining talented HOCKEY PLAYER -
    from its foundations with predatory vampires like Scott Stevens NJ really hasn't changed all that much... speaking of resurrections I would love to dust off an old Stan Jonathon and send him out there with the express purpose of ending YOUR PATHETIC career Wood... like you tried to the other night against the Tampa star.... BIG PICTURE: THE NEW JERSEY COACHING STAFF NEED TO BE AUDITED - SOMEBODY CALLED IN THAT BS CHEAP SHOT, AND WOOD ON HIS OWN WOULDN'T BE SMART ENOUGH TO PLAN IT...

  • Jeffrey - 3 years ago

    I love the Devils but he should be suspended for a few games.
    Bogus calls against the devil's this year are too many to count refs are a joke

  • Tony - 3 years ago

    No fine no suspension. Deserved a 4 minute penalty.

  • NJ Devil - 3 years ago

    Exactly how many times are you going to suspend this loser? How about none. He's not a goon. He's a clean, talented player. Sustr's visor broke and he came to attack wood after the hit so he should've gotten a penalty too anyway. It was boarding, there's no reason to make this anything more than that. Namestnikov got right up and was back to playing in the power play. Get over yourselves Tampa. You lost, stop crying about it

  • Joshua Thorpe - 3 years ago

    Fine. He left his feet. But get your facts right, namestnikov was out on the power play awarded because of the hit.
    And Wood didn't start that fight, so what happened to Schuster is not relevant to the hit and is an attempt to sway readers with an unrelated fact.

  • MA - 3 years ago

    First off Miles has never suspended so get your facts straight before you spew BS! Second TK is absolutely correct in the assessment of the play and Third, Miles was defending himself, he can not be blamed for a visor breaking after defending himself from being attacked!
    Seems like the pansy trolls out here want to turn hockey into figure skating.

  • Rita Green - 3 years ago

    Just look at the his face after he was repaired by medical. He should have been ejected and suspended its a rough game but that hit was to much

  • TK - 3 years ago

    No fine and no penalty. If you watch the replay they show it in slow motion. The hit was on the shoulder, not the numbers, and his foot didnt come off the ice until impact. That is the same play that happens multiple times a game.

    The bigger issue here is that he got a roughing penalty when he got jumped and was protecting himself.

  • G. Vickers - 3 years ago

    Karen Reid is right, he should have been ejected from the game. What a farce. This is not the first time NJ has relied on goon tactics for a win. Exactly how many times are you going to suspend this loser? It's getting old and fast... Do they WANT someone to knock them on their ass? get your act together NHL and do something.

  • KAREN REID - 3 years ago

    Wood came up off his feet in boarding incident away from puck. Shoulda been gone making 4th goal no good!!!!

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