Do you support these proposed changes for the Granville entertainment strip?

  • M Wiseman - 4 years ago

    The Granville strip needs so much more than cameras and outside dining spaces!
    It is a dump currently....
    Empty boarded up buildings.....filthy streets.....
    Who would WANT to sit outside and ‘dine’ there?????

  • Vancouverite - 4 years ago

    The U.S. manufacturing guns, booze, opioids by the ton daily and these are pouring into Canada. The U.S. has great control and influence with Canadian media and will have the people believe that our problems originate from "overseas" _or _ "offshore" foreigners.
    Many, many Americans on Granville St.
    Go see for yourself.

  • Eric - 4 years ago

    Not against the whole plan .
    Granville street is already crowding with reduced sidewalks due to parking , poles and light fixtures .
    Imagine a parent with a stroller or a person with mobility issues trying to maneuver the already crowded sidewalks having to deal with sidewalk patios ?
    A patio filled with people drinking will not deter a already tense situation of others fighting in front of them if anything will probably add to it .
    Sadly fighting will happen and drunk folks trying to break it up will not help the issue.
    I’m not sure of any plan that will stop this from happening but overcrowding a sidewalk already crowded definitely will not win the day

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