FNF Georgia Photographer of the Year 2018 (Poll Closed)

  • BIG AIR. A player from Creekview goes airborne to put six points on the board. (Photographer: Amber Cloy)

  • A CLASH WITH HISTORY. The Wesleyan School football team makes a grand entrance before a game in November. (Photographer: Brian Morgan)

  • EYES ON THE PRIZE. Alpharetta’s Luke Estes has laser focus as he goes in for a touchdown. (Photographer: Jim Clack)

  • A RUNAWAY TRAIN. Buford’s Anthony Grant runs over a Walnut Grove defender during a victory. (Photographer: Lily McGregor)

  • AERIAL EFFECT. Warner Robins defensive end Bobby Kelly leaps to make a one-handed catch. (Photographer: Matthew Hall)

  • SWARMING IN THE SWAMP. The Johns Creek defense gets physical on a rainy night. (Photographer: Michelle Neely)

  • A BROTHERHOOD. Reidsville High teammates show their support for each other. (Photographer: Paul Setliff)

  • STILL UPRIGHT. Irwin County’s Javon Stanley stays on his feet through traffic. (Photographer: Renee Hartley)

  • FINDING SPACE. A Madison Country rusher finds some running room. (Photographer: Sonia Coile)

  • A GAME OF INCHES. Union County’s Cole Wright uses every inch of his 6-foot-2 frame to stretch for a Panther touchdown. (Photographer: Todd Forrest)

  • A SALUTE TO THE FUTURE. A Pike County player takes it in for a touchdown while the local youth players go wild. (Photographer: Tommy Polnaszek)

Posted 11 months.