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  • Mr & Mrs Munford - 5 years ago

    The Government should stop interfering with local communities and boundaries. They need to concentrate on more important matters. As residents of Horndean we would prefer to stay independent of any other village or town. Now you have stirred us up We do not need an overall Mayor for the South communities. Also we do not require a Police commissioner or any other intermediate levels of administration. This has been proven this year that it only serves to increase the Council Tax.
    Horndean and EHDC manage our communities very efficiently.

  • Yvonne Moreman - 5 years ago

    It would be a disaster to put Horndean and Rowlands Castle together. We are two totally different villages when you look at our history over the years. As far as I know we are not linked together in any form. Keep Horndean separate.

  • Sally Lang - 5 years ago

    I totally agree with all the above comments. It’s a no-brainer to keep the two communities separate in terms of their council representatives. They are already separate geographically, historically and socially. It would be a very detrimental move to try to lump them together from a governance standpoint and wouldn’t work in the long run. It must not happen!

  • Ann - 5 years ago

    I see absolutely no advantage to this boundary change being implemented by people or a commission who don’t even live in the area.
    Horndean and Rowlands Catle are two completely separate villages and should be kept that way.
    Horndean has a lot of history and character - some of which has already been destroyed by the brewery
    being turned into flats and all the new houses in the area.
    We must not let this proposal happen! Joining these two villages is definitely a No No.

  • C Thomas - 5 years ago

    No, Horndean and Rowlands Castle are completely different and separate communities. To change the boundaries as proposed would change the ethos of both villages. They are separated by natural boundaries and character, putting them together under one representative will not benefit either community and will be to the detriment of both.

  • Brian Meakin - 5 years ago

    Horndean village must continue to grow in its Community identity. Our generation should fight to retain this centuries old structure. It is very incorrect for Centralised Organisations only interested in voting densities to overrule local wishes. I understand that over 90% are against breaking the village up and attempting to link it with another village several miles away.

  • Andy Stevens - 5 years ago

    Rowlands Castle is a separate village separated by open countryside. They are quite isolationist as there is no reason to go there or even a need to drive through the village. As a horndean resident it’s totally off my radar and I’m sure they like it that way. Horndean is already split in half by a motorway, if that hadn’t happened the character of Horndean would be very different. This is totally ridiculous and a waste of our money.

  • Richard Lang - 5 years ago

    It is a very bad idea to merge part of Horndean with a Rowland’s Castle. They are miles apart and share none of the same community services. The are entirely separate both from community and physical standpoints.

  • Terri Freeman - 5 years ago

    Definitely NO. To change the boundaries as such would be the end of Horndean as a living unit.
    The Horndean Council have over the years worked tirelessly for our welfare as a community. We are a village in our own right and thats how it should stay.

  • Steve Sykes - 5 years ago

    NO NO .Keep it separate or you will start an on going process with more and more villages "joined" and the excuse we need more housing.
    Absolute madness and yet another con.
    Trust not Tricks. No no no.

  • KEITH HARRISON - 5 years ago

    Horndean & Rowlands are miles apart in all respects, keep the boundaries as they are.

  • S.Lapage - 5 years ago

    Horndean and Rowlands Castle are very different communities and if thrown together problems could occur.

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