How do you generally read the blog, or access the most recent posts?

  • Susan Wells - 4 years ago

    Maybe the long dress with the jacket was the maid of honour's dress and the pink and yellow ones were bridesmaid's.
    Really beautiful. I too hang on to things for far too long. Someone once told me, if you throw away the blouse your mother embroidered for you in 1972, you are not throwing away your mother. I don't believe them.

  • MGM - 4 years ago

    I have a couple of blogs that I read that each have very long lists of blogs that they are connected to. After I read the main blog (if it is a new one), I then go down that person's list of linked blogs. I look for the blogs I know that I like and look for the times for recent posts. If my favorite blogs have posted recently (since the last time I read the blogs) I will click on that blog and read it. I may also look over the second blog for other links to blogs that look interesting and may go to them as well.
    The reason usually only go to these main two blogs is that I cannot remember all the exact blog names/website addresses. If I were to go to "my favorites" list - I would be clicking on many blogs and most of them may not have posted recently. This way I just go to the recent posts and don't waste time going in and out of blogs that have not posted recently.
    However, once in a while I realize I haven't seen any recent posts from a blog I like, so I look it up on my favorites. Sometimes I may have just missed a post somehow.
    I do find your posts fascinating. It's amazing what people through out. And MORE amazing what people will spend on something one may know think is valuable.
    Enjoy your day. -Mary

  • Teddie - 4 years ago

    I think possibly the yellow and pink scarves were to be worn over the dresses to cover the young ladies' shoulders as was the matching jacket to the wedding gown. Some churches require shoulders to be covered during a ceremony.

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