What genealogy software do you use?

  • Mike - 1 year ago

    I use Legacy and like it very much. My only disappointment is that I want to replace my old computer (Microsoft-platform) with a Mac (Apple IOS platform) and I discovered Legacy software is not compatible with Apple's IOS platform. Legacy's web site only states the obvious, but do not give any information on their future plans to make this happen. Do you know if Legacy is working on this shortfall? Thank you for publishing information on organizing family history information as I find it very very helpful.

  • Marian - 3 years ago

    Be careful not to assume that the people who _use_ a particular package would _vote_ for it over others. I suspect that most of us shop a little, buy what we can afford, and don't actually try out many others. For example, for a long time, I didn't realize that Legacy will let me document _relationships_ (evidence that Jack is Joe's son), even though I'd been looking for that feature for years.

  • Linda Allen - 3 years ago

    i once used FTM (started before Ancestry ownership) but got fed up with the annual release of a new version "just because" - especially the year that no discount was offered for current users. I changed to the newly released RootsMagic version 4 and have never looked back!

    What I like about RM?
    1) Only release a new version when significant changes to the software (as opposed to bug fixes which are provided with free updates).
    2) RootsMagic to Go. Have thumb drive, will travel!!!
    3) colour coding. Helps signify direct lines, blood relation, spouses, FANs, etc at a glance
    4) Price - even if no discount offered to existing customers
    5) free evaluation to test drive before purchasing
    6) customer service. Even the developer/owner responds to questions asked on FB group
    7) developers provide fixes as quickly, as possible, to issues arising from changes made by FamilySearch, Ancestry, etc. (Unfortunately probably at expense of time to be spent on developing a true Mac version and/or next version of PC)

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