Are you upset that Canada was unable to win Olympic hockey gold?

  • Carol Leigh Rice - 4 years ago

    I was much more concerned about the lack of sportsmanship, air of entitlement, disparaging of a silver medal (what about other Canadians who won silver or bronze - are their medals not good enough to wear, either?) No, I think the Olympic Games are less about winning and more about competing with visions of excellence tempered by the noble sense of common dreams, common humanity.

  • Lazerus - 4 years ago

    Didn't see anything wrong with them. We sent a beer league team that played beer league hockey

  • C. Campbell - 4 years ago

    It’s quite obvious to any Canadian hockey fan that the team that Canada sent was simply not good enough. We would have been better off sending one of the Memorial Cup contenders. At least they would have shown some speed and grit...something that was sadly missed on this team. I bet this team couldn’t even compete against ang Canadian Major Junior sad????very disappointing when you send has been when you could’ve sent up and comers! Maybe next time

  • Pet Food - 4 years ago

    If the Olympic tourists/participants have not tried the "Gold Coin Dog" meal in Korea, no worries because the BBC and The Washington Post have reported that one can get a dog or cat feast in Switzerland.
    It's on the internet, Google it for reservations.

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